1. Hi guys . For those of you who would like to have the Pair counter and Flow Counter app that I'm using in this video, it costs $50. You'll get this current version which doesn't delete last input, but it can reset all inputs. And I'll give the updated improved version for free , once it's finished, to those who already bought this current version. Contact me on andreibaccarat@gmail.com if you're interested in purchasing it.

  2. Thank you for sharing these Andrei, obviously you've done a lot of work, in all honesty this seems a lil aggressive for me, I'm going to test a lil milder approach, please keep us posted and I'll do the same. Awesome work, kudos 👏

  3. Don't even think playing like that on real table Casino any manager really like you to have you in on Casino table this software it's not even close like in the real table casino every time you increase the bet the casino will take your bet you cannot be able to go so far

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