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Welcome to the 3rd Episode of Baccarat-Patterns Do they matter? In this new series we explore patterns to see if they occur more often than not. Over the years Vegas Grind Money Management developer Clay Hart thinks runs of 5 and 6 appear more often than runs greater than 6 but is he right?

We will examine shoes 51 through 75 from the BNB simulator #86 found on Youtube and keep a running total. Why is this important? If we can establish that a certain pattern appears to happen more than others then it might be worthwhile using the patterns along with VGMMS to make money.

As a serious player you have to be well disciplined. Not only that you need a money management system that works. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. And if this means analyzing certain patterns and shoes, research is a must.

If you would like to suggest a pattern you want looked at feel free to post it in the comment section so others may benefit as well.

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BNB Simulator 86 found on Youtube

Please read the ground rules to this series and the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER: My videos, writings, the Vegas Grind YouTube Channel, and www.vegasgrind.com are for information and entertainment purposes only. Results are not guaranteed. I show how you can win at various casino games using the Vegas Grind System I’ve developed, as well as other techniques.

Here are some ground rules to this series:

1. The shoes I will be analyzing in the series are all done on a BNB simulator and are consecutive. Therefore, I will not cherry pick or alter the results in any manner.

2. The patterns I use are either my own or have been suggested by one of our viewers.

3. I will try and post a YT video on this series as time permits and reserve the right to cancel the series at any time.



  1. I'm gonna be a jerk and say what I said early on a few episodes back, betting against 5s is worth it…not 6s. Just my own experience. Once it goes 6 it often goes more and sometimes many more.

  2. It makes me laugh that people think i am Brunson… Brunson would never show continuous live play like i do… Also, he doesn’t have the brains to develop something that actually works!

  3. It is awesome that we can follow with you and understand what you are doing and makes sense and I love how you take the time to explain your method in so much depth no one does that thanks for another great informative video awesome well worth buying this system. Great investment very happy thanks

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