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I hope this short video could work for skilled players and those who are training very hard.

Playing games alone is one of the most common and classical methods for training. However, I dare say it’s the most effective way in many respects.

Playing games alone means that you play the roles of a dealer and a player at the same time.

What you need are a deck of cards, casino chips, and the Baccarat scoreboard app.

a deck of cards
Of course, it doesn’t matter how many decks of cards you use at all. I’m just used to one deck of cards.

casino chips
I use real casino chips to add a sense of reality.

Baccarat scoreboard app
Unless this app, I couldn’t even try to recommend this training method. Thanks to this app, you don’t need to draw scoreboard one by one like I had to do it in the old days.

How to play
1. Prepare for the Baccarat game rules to deal correctly(You can find it on Google easily.)
2. Shuffle the deck thoroughly(In the case of one deck, you could shuffle cards several times for one Shoe.)
3. Start dealing the cards and put every result into the Baccarat scoreboard app. And wait until encountering the prime betting zone.(Please refer to the video ‘Baccarat, prime betting zone’.)
4. Whenever you want, restart a new Shoe or end the game. However, don’t exceed 70 revealed hands for one Shoe.

I really enjoy this because I can touch real cards and real chips without any cost and risk.

On top of that, once you start producing good results, you could feel the real casino games more easily.

On the other hand, if you keep losing chips from this training, you’re most likely to lose real games in the casino.

So this will be good guidance.

Test your current game ability steadily and enjoy games.



  1. My two cents…

    I have almost every software program that I came across whether it is on the desktop or online.

    In the end, I have taken the route of dealing 8 decks of cards from a shoe and using casino chips. Sure, it take longer to play through a shoe. However, this quote by Miyamoto Musashi (a famous Samurai) guides me… "You can only fight the way you practice."

    In my experience, I agree with MBG…
    Even though it takes longer, by dealing cards you learn how the hands are dealt and can more easily catch when the dealer makes a mistake as opposed to those who sit there mindlessly and lose money due to the mistake.
    With handling the chips, you simulate the casino environment more readily so you are internalizing what is going on and are more prepared. For example, you don't get caught wondering why your chip stack looks like it is "off … among other things. Therefore you don't lose your train of thought.
    I even go so far as playing videos and music while practicing to simulate the "noise" of a casino. (I usually don't have the TV or music playing throughout the day. I like it quiet.)
    The point is, do whatever you can to simulate the casino environment and one of the best ways to do that is by dealing cards and handling chips.

    Thanks MBG for another video!

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