First Table Game Premiere Stream Ever! Playing Baccarat this time at the El Cortez Casino in Las Vegas!!


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  1. $600 bankroll betting $25 on a bet? Dont know what strategy she’s using but the way I see it, the longer your sitting at the table, the longer you’re exposing yourself to risk. If you want to be profitable, especially in Bacarrat, you need to hit hard at the right time and get the f@&$ out. Catch the streaks, sort of like catching a wave, and surf that wave out with a vengeance. At $25 a bet, I envision a kook on a soft styrofoam board with a snorkel and mask on, and a paddle in both hands, surfing the leftover wake of what was once a great set, instead of a tan “kelly slater-esque” dude surfing a perfect barrel and ripping it to shreds behind him. I guess its all relative.. personally If I were to buy in with $600, you best believe I turn that to 3 grand, 8 times out of 10 times. Playing this game for years and its been working out..

  2. The casino I work at has side bets that pay you more if you win by a wider point margin. 9 over 0 gets you 30 to 1. I always liked these bets more than the pair bets. Nice to see some baccarat play!

  3. Sarah, the commission on banker bets serves like 0 and 00 in roulette. While there is no advantage to betting equally on player and banker in the same hand one could do so and play for ever not losing a cent if there was no commission for banker bets. The same holds true for red/black and odd/even bets in roulette if it was not fir 0 and/or 00. So you are correct though it does give the house an advantage.

  4. Hey. How do you know when to walk? I’ve been struggling with this for years! I’m at the Venetian now and was up $44K by yesterday morning. Now I’m down over $12K. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♂️

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