Hey guys, today I want to teach you my Money management system!
If u follow the steps and learn to control yourself you will leave the casino with profit πŸ™‚

The main steps:
1. Set a bankroll X
2. Set max bet size of 10%X
3. Set a sequence of A -B – C …
4. A+B+C… = Max bet (10%X)
5. Reurn to A after each win
6. If lose max bet size – write it down and go back to A
7. reach your milestone
8. win the loses back
9. withdraw or increase

Send to me your Strategies – I will review them and report back πŸ™‚

My Baccarat Winning Strategy is not for sale, I am not teaching you How To Make Profit Playing Baccarat at the moment!
*I want to teach you first how to gamble in general!*

Leave a comment guys.. Lets start a Smart gambling Community!

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  1. Hint: if your bankroll is $500, stay the hell away from Baccarat!! Don't even THINK of sitting down with less than five grand. If you fail at this, you will walk out broke and be $500 farther away from your 5 grand goal.

  2. Add in
    1) control attitude
    2) control time max play 1.5hr
    Coz of our subconscious
    3) 500 try to win 10% per game
    Compound the money just for 73 games or days as u like.
    U can make 1million if u have passions

  3. great video I enjoyed it. I'm at the stage where I need more money management to determine how to split my profits. What percentage of your profits from a session do you put back into your bankroll?

  4. Good advice but you might want to add in that when you're playing at a $25 minimum table it is hard to only have a max bet of $50. The city that I play in only has a $25 minimum bacc table with its casino, no $5 minimum tables exist except with blackjack. Also, it might help to show people the system you're using from the get go as it is sort of hard to explain everything without showing the system. Just my advice. I have been gambling for a long time.

  5. Cool idea, I have a question though. Say you start with $1000 and hit your milestone. But you have $300 in loses and you now play to get those loaes back. Do the same rules apply and what do you do with while recovering your $300 you have $150 in losses, do you recoup those as well?

  6. I just use this strategy for 2 years follow winer, againts winner, l3ud depand on the trend in table.. My MM 20 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 150 200 back to step 1 when in profit

  7. 10% could be too high. for example I play 1,1,3,7 sequence on baccarat. Works well, but you can easily lose 100 in a session on a bad streak. So I prefer having about 40x maximum bet. In this example around 450 units. But if you use a system that has higher number of bets before losing, then you're less likely to lose so it should be okay.

  8. The money management is fine. But you can never make BR double with that sequence. For example when u lose all 3 hands, you will need 10 wins to recover the loss. Which means that you will need more win than loses to gain profit. And that is not logical becuz you will always hv more loses than wins in any casino game.

  9. What if my system has 6 martingale bet sequence … can I divide it into 2 abc sequence ..ie if I loose abc continue with 6 steps and again abc ?
    Decide max bet into 6 hand sequence abcdef?

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