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I never meant to encourage or show off gambling. So, by a small amount bet, I’ll show you cases of spotting or predicting patterns on the derived maps.

I hope you spend some quality time with it.



  1. Oh Master! This is unbelievable skill level. Very, very well done.
    You wrte +50 units for 4 shoes!!!
    Thar was intense. I was rooting along especially first shoe, as I was spotting many of the same bets.
    I however would not have bet so many times, as I am not at your skill level just yet. But I would have still been +5 . Amazing bet on the tie! I noticed it was 9 hands from the last tie, and roads seem to collide.
    I will be watching this again, as there are so many lessons.
    That first bet on the fourth shoe, How did you see Player? Unbelieveable read, Banker was so dominate, and it was early in shoe, I think it was you first bet of that shoe
    !! Great job as always.
    I am so thankful that you shared this video. And I will figure those patterns you are using, as I am a quick study.
    One thing I already improved on. Is when I have been betting one side and it wins and then I dont like it anymore, I take free hand, but you had skill to bet the other side, I saw this 3 to 4 times, well executed.
    I am going to incorporate that. That will turn more free hands into wins for my game. Ty again!👍😎👍👍👍

  2. Ok Master , I watch for 2nd time.
    Your stats are unbelievable.
    Your win rate % was 82.5% and your were +41 on your bets. Add in the tie for another 5.5 unit👍

    You are off the charts with win rate
    61.8% is considered top notch, so you are at absolute expert level.
    I would say tour are in top 3% in the world of bacarrat, maybe higher.

    None of those selections were guesses, very good job on pattern recognition. That dragon tail was really nice ride. Between end of shoe 1 and start of shoe 3 , you won 15 straight bets!! And they were all on that one Dragon tail, you had won 6bstraight before it started.
    Unlike how you read the shoe and when its dominate on Player, you stay with it. ! I do that too. Too many people bet Banker too much. But Player really dictates how many shoes develop.
    Your were 87% win ratenon Player bets and 76% on Banker bets.
    P= 36W/6L
    B= 16W/5L
    I am learning more patterns just by watching again.
    Even if you take out that entire Player streak from shoe 2, your win rate is over 70%!!
    I like being able to figure out these patterns, just by observing, because I have to be able to learn and spot and get them when I play and you cant be there to assist, but I will learn by watching again and again, I am already seeing more. I will probably watch this at least 5 times.

  3. I play the last 3 underdog like 2 p 1 b in one score card 1 b 2 p second score card and 3rd 1b 2 p which will be banker or bet 3 favorites like all 3 matching up favorite or underdog 2-1 2-1 2-1

  4. I wish I was as good as you Master lol. Still don't understand the other roads but will keep watching your videos 👍
    Been on a very bad losing streak in the last months. Was doing great at the beginning and turned 200 into 3800 but caught a bad run and everytime I deposit I lose if it's not on the same day it'll be the next.
    I hit my win stop and will continue to play cause I think the shoe is still good but it always changes right then and there lol. I guess I shouldn't be playing in a rush or even doing martingale since it always kills me at the end cause of streaks.

    Great video and keep them coming!

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