Baccarat RNG || Banker Banker Player System||Martingale #16

In this video Craig plays for real money at BetMGM using the Banker Banker Player System inspired by Wilson from CasinoAmigos here on Youtube.

How to play baccarat and make $100 or more a day.
A look into how I play baccarat for consistent winning.



  1. Hi Craig be careful with RNG … I don't trust them … they throw up incredible patterns and they seem to watch you ….. but I do like ur reasoning … hope ur right !!

  2. Hey Craig, Enjoyed the vid. So in this vid you are playing what many refer to as a "Grand Martingale". Many different possibilities depending on how you decide to arrange the numbers but the "Grand" implies that on one or more of the levels you more than double the amount of the previous bet as in jumping from 1u up to 3u or from 3u up to 7u. I guess the formula for this specific Grand Marty is double last bet plus add 1 unit for bet size of your 2nd, 3rd & 4th level bets. After that just double previous bet. That's pretty aggressive but it will win way faster than just a standard Marty. Trade off being that if you bust out the cost is FAR greater than a standard Marty. All pretty obvious stuff so far.

    First time I tried Marty was probably before you were born. Long story short is that Marty is just not for me. But if I HAD to play a Marty I would actually take it in the opposite direction and do a Marty that is modified in the other direction.
    Something like: 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 25, 50, 100. An eight step bust out costs you just 202 units.
    Your 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 costs a whopping 476 units…..OUCH !!!
    I fully realize that a win at my 7u level will just be break even & wins further on in the sequence will result in a small loss. My reply is so what? Rinse & repeat. Good Luck. Actually, when playing a Marty or even D'Alembert you don't need GOOD Luck to win. All you have to do is avoid really bad luck.

  3. I think I told u before … it went PPBPPBPPBPPB in a row … of course I lost my bankroll .. .. the odds of that are 64 squared = 4096 to 1 but it did it!!! ,, Ilike your Hp3 much better lol

  4. I was sad to hear you cleaned out your other account. You were doing so well.
    I don't understand about Michigan Casinos and what all that means. If its a great deal for you then congrats for that. I saw your Michigan video and all I know is I enjoy Michigan Wolverines football 🏈 sometimes. But usually everytime I talk to someone from Michigan it goes BAD. Its either a fierce argument with somebody or I am just lied to and disrespected by them so I don't go crazy about that state anymore. But anyways I still hope you continue your climb wherever you wanna play. I see you built a wonderful brand in record time. You probably NO idea who your subs all are but you will know ONE at least. I hope to share in this journey with you OFFICIALLY! I am now subbed to your channel 😎

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