In this video, I will be reviewing a designer fragrance that smells expensive! Rosewood Amor by Banana Republic smells remarkably close to Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. DISCOVER THE FRAGRANCE HERE!: Please be sure to subscribe for future fragrance reviews, top 10 lists, giveaways, and more!



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  1. I have the reformulated version of Rosewood by Banana Republic and it smells like Dove body soap to me. I’m interested in smelling the Amor but I’m not sure why it’s much more expensive than the original perfume.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for discovering this one and sharing! My girlfriend has BR540 and it her absolute all time favorite scent but doesn’t wear it as much as she would like to because of its price tag, so she wants a much cheaper frag that is very 540-esque so that she can wear it a little more freely and for more casual engagements! So thanks for finding this one because you just helped me figure out one of her Christmas Gifts!! I already had Ooh La Rouge picked up, but now it looks like i gotta grab this one too!! She is gonna be BR540-ied out! Haha

  3. So is this one closer to B540 extrait basically? That one is more sweeter and denser or does just carry the almond note and is closer to the edp?

  4. this came at good time, I really wanted to buy BCR540 but after seeing the price tag I was like oh never mind… also have to know what you do for your skin!

  5. I own Patiala by Thameen, which in my opinion, smells a lot like BR540. But I never see anyone reviewing it. I would be interested in seeing your thoughts on this one. Thanks.

  6. I’m a new subscribe and I absolutely luv how you review fragrances. As you can tell by my name I luv to smell beautiful 😂🤣 I have one reason please. Can you do a review on Another 13 and if it there’s a dupe for it???? Thank you in advance. Luv your channel. 😂🤣😂🤣

  7. Great review…hoping to get out to Banana Republic to test scent. I am over 45 and a “serious” scent sounds awful!
    I will never wear mature or serious scents. I want to feel happy and uplifted and fragrance is too important to me.

  8. Definitely smells like MFK I said that with my first sniff 🥰 so I bought it as my everyday and I’ll keep my MFK for special occasions. Great buy .

  9. I blind bought this. When I tried it, it felt like my dentist is wearing burberry her. I hated the medicinal smell so I had to return it.

  10. This will be a pass for me. I am glad I saw your review bc I don’t like BR540. It smells like a dental office to me. I never got the hype. I got AG Cloud body spray and it’s just a sweeter dental office 😂

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