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Where to buy: https://www.fragrancex.com/products/_cid_perfume-am-lid_b-am-sid_br54024__products.html

My first wearing of BR 540 showed me many more facets then just a sweet red bomb. It has a sneaky fir resin (green) and some aquatic salty tones that gives this sweet scent a transparent quality. Sweet and Salty all in one bottle. Not bad at all!

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  1. Full disclosure: I haven’t tried the EDP, only the Extrait. That said, I don’t think the Extrait is feminine, really. Could a woman pull it off? Sure. And of course, opinions are highly subjective, but I wonder, maybe a man just needs to be really confident to rock this.

    I enjoy the crap out of BR540 Extrait. It doesn’t scream, and doesn’t whisper, but speaks confidently and at a humane scale. What it says to me is luxury, opulence, and style. It’s not pretentious or uptight, but you’ve gotta be on your A game to rock this with confidence and style. Not a tee shirt and jeans scent!

  2. Finally got my nose on this. Very surprised at how it smells. I have heard unisex and smells like cotton candy. I was prepared for sweetness like a gourmand, but it seems more woody and Xmas tree like to me. I like it

  3. All I get from this fragrance is hospital smell aka gause with iodine.. its gross, cant imagine smelling like that, I hate this one 🙁 I know looking at reviews that I am 1% of people who dont like it.

  4. You described this perfectly. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. Do you smell a slight woodiness after the dry down that makes it intriguing. I smells like it’s the more expensive and complex cousin of Cloud by Ariana Grande.

  5. I wore this to work last week and a woman told me that I smelled like a Christmas tree. I had been completely oblivious to the fir note up until that time. I'm still a bit conflicted but I think that overall I like it. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with some fragrances (Frederic Malle Music for a While is another one) but maybe it's that rocky relationship that makes the scent so attractive, I don't know!

  6. Great video, Marc!
    I have a sample of this fragrance and I have reviewed it on my channel.
    I must say I got a polar opposite vibe from BR540 than you did, but at the same time, I can’t deny how much this scent fascinates me.
    Sadly, the closest I’ll ever get to owning a full bottle of it, will be owning one of its so-called “clones”. 🙄😢😂
    No way I can justify the expense at the moment, unless I find 10% off of a 50 ml bottle.
    Have a great rest of your day!

  7. I like it but dont love it..too much of the cotton candy vibe ever present…it wears forever and projects alot….I think its a whole new class of fragrance which is super creative but for someone who likes resinous/incense type frags…not a hit…I do wear it in spring/summer only if i do wear it……….you will get noticed……

  8. Man Robes, I picked this up recently. At fist I wasn't sure if I could pull this off as a man lol However, as time has gone on, it's certainly grown a bit on me. It's very sweet and florally, so does come across feminine ish, but boy is it different and unique

  9. I get a very strong resinous burnt sugar/caramel opening with a hint of sea salt. As it dries down, the sweetness dials back a few notches and reveals a cedar & sandalwood base that, when combined with the lingering sweetness, gives me a fresh cut tree oozing sap kind of vibe. It's a very distinctive and ambery fragrance overall with good performance, but the opening is just a bit too sweet for me.

  10. I believe Angels smell of BR540. This is just beautiful, i prefer the EDP over the extrait, the EDP lasts more than 14 hours on my skin. Did not try on clothes, but probably around 180 hours as Well would not surprise me.

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