Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance Review | Hype Train Fragrance



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  1. Really important points which other reviewers don’t cover much. I love things you list on your videos for an average person. An average person doesn’t care about Notes and want to smell good. As a matter of fact, sometimes notes ruined the image of the scent you like. So thanks for putting in easier words. You deserve more reviewers. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the lovely video – super informative ! ❤️
    I definitely am obsessed with the perfume version!
    Does anyone know, are these cruelty free? I cannot seem to find any info on animal testing when it comes to Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

  3. The minerally mint you describe is likely the ambergris. Try Dior Sauvage (a known ambroxan (synthetic ambergris) bomb) and see if the base isn't reminiscent–I originally described it as smelling menthol-y before added experience

  4. This is a beautiful fragrance. You have to appreciate the work put into blending this, to appreciate its true Nature. But i was surprised that you did not mention hospital or dentist Office 😂

  5. I don’t really get this at all ?

    I was expecting it to be monstrous but it’s a bit underwhelming to my nose and I’m now not sure if I’m going to like Grand Soir ?

    Glad I didn’t pull the pin on a full bottle ..

  6. It's special kind of projection. Not typical projection beast. It's Baccarat Rouge. You can smell it from 20 meters but don't feel on one meter. It's almost magical.

  7. There is a cologne called Filthy Rich Dubai Signature I and it smells just like MFK Baccarat Rouge 540. Can you review it and compare the two. Some said Cloud smell like Baccarat Rouge 540 too but it's a sweeter kind of smell and isn't pleasant for me and doesn't smell like Baccarat Rouge 54 at all. But Filthy Rich Signature II smell just like it to me. I prefer the extrait over the regular one since it doesn't have that chemical smell and it smell sweeter like cotton candy grape. 🙂

  8. Dude, this stuff is super sweet and projects like crazy! You must have an unusually low body temperature for this stuff not to project. I wore this one time and, everywhere I went, it smelled like a county fair cotton candy stand. For me, there is nothing subtle about baccarat rouge 540.

  9. It’s a female fragrance. There is simply NO PERFUME OUT THERE THAT CAN COME CLOSE TO BACARAT ROUGE! It is that ONE perfume that has the same effect as that elixir perfume created by perfumist in that 2006 movie “Perfume: story of a murderer”. It has crowds swooned, like a spell, that you cannot put your finger on and cannot explain. If expensive royal rich lush class could be distilled into a fragrance it is exactly BACARAT ROUGE (the eau de parfum clear bottle!). Fresh, candy-flosslike, warm, mesmerising – it’s like magic in a bottle. If you want to smell of expensive class, buy this one. No questions asked. Save till you can afford it. And if it runs out, after a long time, save for it again!

  10. I just bought a decant to sample . I think based on your review and others I’ll wait until my town fair in late September to try this on my skin . I have a feeling though based on all reviews I’m going to smell like Rosie McCann from The Banks of the Bann , And end up giving this to my wife or a granddaughter .. lol

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