Baccarat Rouge 540 has a TON of hype. But is it really that good?
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  1. I think 540 is a gourmand . I’ve tried soooo many but keep going back to Histories Ambre 114 my probably all time favorite. Baccarat is great but I have a hard time deciding when to wear it , it’s bombastic like Ultramale but subtle like F-ing Fantastic . It’s just in its own class , maybe good for breezy springtime brunch

  2. I love 540 so much so that I blind bought 2 frags Parfums de Marley Kalan and Mancera Crush based because they were takes on the fragrance plus they had good reviews. Big mistake. Both mixed the 540 DNA with bitter spices, some animalic notes, and darkness that destroyed the joy the original had. Couldn’t stand them and couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. I’ll never blind buy in this manner again.

  3. I really want to like this scent for all the money I paid.I blind bought this based on all the hype.Ive worn it twice by itself once layered with Aventus.Its really cloying on me.I get really irritated smelling the overly sweet sugar accord that I get.Others may enjoy it on me,But I think it’s more important for me to like it on me more.I have other more enjoyable fragrances to choose from.Will be passing this one along

  4. Daver gotta say, your vocabulary is impressive, "ubiquitous", what a juicy word, never dumb down, let them instead run shrieking to their iPhone and look up the word or phrase you have said. I almost said dictionary, oops.
    This is one of the reasons I look forward to your reviews, keep on impressing me.
    I do need your advice, I need to buy a fragrance for someone who is on a lot of medication, IS there fragrance that won't smell like rotten rutabagas once he has applied it? He also likes nice manly bottles, if that is any help at all. No rush, kick this around an get back to me when able.

  5. Dave, I agree with your description, but completely disagree with your opinion of this scent. It is interesting, but this stuff is so vile to me! I absolutely hate it. Way too sweet, way too strong, and it smells just weird to me, all at a volume way too loud.

  6. Oh goodness. I thought we were way past br540 by now; Ariana Grande came out with a very similar scent 2 years ago and 540 or a clone is being used as a mall scent, being an ambient spray at many 'a discount mall with Dollar Trees, Spencers and pop-up Halloween stores. So unless we want to smell like teenaged girls
    ..and by the way, the stuff does not wash out of clothes for months …we prolly wanna avoid this one. But cheers Daver for the review.

  7. I’m really confused. I must be nose blind to this fragrance because I don’t know what the hype is about. I ordered a decant and I honestly cannot understand this fragrance. I smell only the opening which reminds me of spun sugar and Cloud (I know, I’m sick of the comparison too, but that’s all I can smell). Once it begins drying down, all is left is a skin scent that is faded and disappointing. Absolutely no projection either. I don’t enjoy a dry down because I cannot detect any notes at all. I either have a watered down decant or I am completely nose blind to this scent.

  8. I love it. I know this won’t make sense but something in it smells like it’s sparkling even though that word doesn’t have a smell. That one thing is the main thing that is missing from all the fragrance houses trying to copy it. It’s as if other brands can’t figure out that magic ingredient.

  9. It really is best to buy and try a SAMPLE of this BEFORE buying a FB. There’s loads on ebay….they are genuine decants too!! I bought a 10ml sample and it lasted AGES….as you only need one or two spritzes of this beast. Teddy UK xx

  10. I smelled it at a Neiman Marcus and I asked myself if it leaned more towards the feminine side or masculine side. I'm still not sure. I haven't bought it yet. I does smell fantastic. My favorite of the MFK scents. I also smelled the extreme version but I didn't think it smelled much different from the regular, though it is much more expensive.

  11. Everybody wants to wear it…… in the fragrance community bro! Which is .005 % of the world. Majority of people don"t have a clue what that fragrance is, and @ that price rate, you should be good. Unless Zara or Montblanc come up with a cheap clone. Then it's "Sauvage" mode and you won't wear it anymore.

  12. I am a 40 year old African American male and I wear this fragrance. Everywhere I go I get plenty of compliments. My wife loves this fragrance on me. MF Baccarat Rouge 540 is unisex. It smells great on a woman and it smells 2x great on men. Women love it when I have this fragrance on.

  13. "Victim of its own success." I felt the same way about Creed Aventus and refer to it as the fragrance to wear if you want to smell like everyone else. I went though one 4 oz bottle of Aventus that I bought several years ago and haven't replaced it…don't really miss it. I like the scent of BR 540 but not enough to shell out three or four hundred dollars for 70ml. To me it is just way over priced for what it is, and given its popularity I wouldn't pull for it very often even if I had a bottle.

  14. Listen to me. there is NO such thing as a good DUPE or copy of a masterpiece fragrance. you can have the orchestra but you will find the piano, the flute, and Violin are missing. the true real masterpiece is orchestrated to the last musical instrument and that is why you pay so much for the original masterpiece. You can carry a copy of a Louis Vuitton and it may look good but it won’t feel good and you won’t feel good. And it won’t age well. Don’t waste your money. Buy the real thing.

  15. Am I one of the few that just doesn't get this fragrance. I am reaching to find something interesting or desirable about it. The antiseptic vibe doesn't help. The tried the EDP and Extrait on my skin. The Extrait was a bit better. Help me understand.

  16. Absolutely love this! I don’t get the “Sweetness” everyone talks about. I get the ambergris/ambroxan and the cedar, which are so beautiful together, and tame the jasmine down to perfect… It’s my new favorite!

  17. I got a sample of BR and although it smells amazing, it seemed a little familiar to me. Long story short, I tried layering Maison Martin Margiela's 'By the Fireplace' and 'Coffee Break' and although it's not a perfect match, it smells very similar to BR.

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