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Dossier: AREZU10 for 10% off
Ambery Saffron: Baccarat Rouge 540 inspired fragrance
Woody Sandalwood: Le Labo Santal 33 inspired fragrance

If you are like me and don’t want to lug heavy household items to your house/apt use Grove Collaborative! They will send all the items to your door- they give offers and freebies ALL THE TIME. You can even set it up to have them sent whenever you want and as often as you want. All brands you know (Mrs Meijers, Method, Caldrea etc.) and their own home accessories are so darling.
I am honestly SO obsessed with this company and I know you will love it just as much! Use my link down below for a free gift-set with an order:



  1. When you talked about traveling, I was sold. I love Baccarat Rouge 540 and it's my every day fragrance. I get so many compliments but if the Dossier version smells the same, I'd prefer to travel with that version instead. I trust you!!

    Your code isn't working for me though 🙁

  2. I do have the body oil in Bacarrat 540 and it is amazing but it isn’t lasting me long and to me that is very expensive pensive but I love the scent I will have to check this out,I’ve never smelled the perfume

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