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Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP https://rstyle.me/+fjdc_ZGTPGqU70dnqcWcvA
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum https://rstyle.me/+rGT6CIn3k-agQW9KuD57iQ
Mancera Instant Crush EDP
2oz: https://rstyle.me/+q8uqYVDPZ2qtS58EGqfglg
4oz: https://rstyle.me/+qGyhU9_QjHmW91fo0kDMzg
Ariana Grande Cloud EDP https://rstyle.me/+KaI3lpweiElXBuX4QOUKtw
Allsaints Sunset Riot EDP https://rstyle.me/+F4qL7lx2nsiunBlWajxSaw

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Foundation: Too Faced Dew You in Butterscotch
Concealer: Too Faced Sculpting in Butterscotch
Eyeshadow: Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes + NARS Atomic Palette
Brows: ABH Brow Pomade in Chocolate
Bronzer: NARS Atomic Palette
Blush: NARS Gina
Highlighter: NARS Atomic Palette
Lips: NARS Powermatte in Get It On

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  1. I get more compliments on the extrait version. I only have a sample of that one and people follow me around target when I wear it. 🤣🤣 when I wear the regular one, I have not gotten the same reaction.

    So I guess I will get it at some point. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I have the cloud perfume too. I use that more because I’m not trying to buy another bottle of the real thing any time soon

  2. I love 540! I have not tried the Extrait version yet, but I plan to. Another dupe I’ve experienced is Swiss Arabian’s Gharaam! It has basically the same notes, projection and longevity! Gharaam costs $80 for a 50 mL bottle!

  3. I’m a perfume junkie, but I cannot afford $400.00 for a fragrance. #thedevilisalie. As long as there are comparable fragrances as opposed to high end, I’m all over it. I usually purchase sets that include the perfume, body wash, lotion and powder as I love to layer scents so they will last longer. I have no problem with fragrances lingering on my skin. I can apply a fragrance and not apply again in 2-3 days and people always tell me I smell good. I really want to try 540, but not at that price point. You have convinced me to get the Cloud perfume. Thanks for such an informative video.

  4. Ordered it from Bloomingdale's when they had a promotion of $50 off a purchase. Returned it the same week. Had previously ordered a sample of it and of the extrait and was able to wear each a few days before receiving the full size bottle. Cloud smells very similar to the EDP BR. I will pull out my sample of the EDP and try it again because I usually like the things that you like, so maybe I need to try it again for a longer period of time:)

  5. I bought the All Saints Sunset Riot yesterday and I love it. I also own the Ariana Grande Cloud, but I find Sunset Riot to be more refine

  6. Just brought mines today. After buying a few dupes decided I deserved this perfume. Love it so much. Will say Cloud literally is the little sister of the original. So anyone who likes it but not the price I would defo recommend cloud and also burberry her.

  7. Thx for vid!

    That metallic/medicinal note=dentist’s office for me… her intense Burberry (ive heard a lot of ppl say that the Her line is a dupe as FK is the perfumer) has it to the extreme (IMO) 🤪

    Edit: love karina (hometown gal!!!)

    And am planning on acquiring instant crush

    There’s also Al Haramain Amber Oud “Rouge”
    It’s def a dupe but has it’s own character (it’s so new that Fragrantica and the other fragrance sites don’t have a description page dedicated to it… and I prefer it over the original 540 cause it the drys down and softens in a very different way to 540

  8. I had a sample of MFK Baccarat 540 extrait. It smells amazing! The most unique fragrance I’ve ever smelled. It is very potent. I still have my little sample bottle from over a year ago. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments and stopped by strangers to ask what I’m wearing.

  9. Love your video! Another fragrance worth mentioning is Sensual Instinct from Montale. It's verrrry close to the original. Much more so than Instant Crush because it has less of the characteristic chemical smell that Montale and Mancera fragrances usually have.

  10. I smelled the original and had a sample of it and it smells amazing… but i wont buy the travel size either.. that cost also alot for only a small bottle is not that worthy prefer the bottle. So yess I dont mind dupes and clones of baccarat rouge 540. Yes dupes are more affortables inspired of baccarat rouge & clones maybe a copy. But if they smell similar to the OG and has long longetivity also. Than why not buy the cheaper one. Not all of people(like me) can not affort 250 to 600 euro/dollar perfume. For some people 600 euro is a month rent 😅. So you got to choose between rent or perfume. But i do have to say i have to buy the Baccarat Rouge perfume atleast once in my life. Not right now hopefully in the future. Because that smell of this perfume is truelly amazing 😍😍

  11. I agree with the lighter and fresher feel Riot has. I loved it but sold it since I the original and extrait. Riot last for days and days!!!! I do miss it tho:) it’s my favorite dupe. 540 is worth it but if you can’t afford many other offerings so you don’t have to have it. Woman can feel beautiful with others out there.

  12. You mentioned that Sunset Riot lasted a long time on your skin. How is the projection? Did you get the impression that other people around you could smell it? Do you think it would smell good on a guy?

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