Ah, the infamous Baccarat Rouge 540… is it really worth all the fuss? Find out my thoughts on this now cult fragrance in my review. 🌹Xo Sam

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Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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  1. Thank you for explaining the difference! Like you I didn't like it at first but then gradually came around however it's become far too generic for me. I'm considering getting Spirito Fiorentino Tiziana Terenzi instead…

  2. Can you do a video discussing how to start a beginner's luxury perfume collection- niche? I'd love to hear your take on designer perfumes too but, niche intrigues me the most.

  3. Amazing as usual!. BR 540 in both versions took a while until they grew on me, it definitely wasn't love at first sniff and I enjoy both the EDP and the extrait but they're not my favorites in my collection. That being said I think the EDP was truly groundbreaking when it launched because it smelled different than what we had in the market back then. 💜💜

  4. I have both,the original and extrait..can't smell it at all,doesn't last on me. I don't understand what is hype for? Same with Delina. Just don't understand 😕

  5. BR 540 is overrated now. It’s smells sweet, sickly and somehow juvenile and childish. It’s not the fragrance a sophisticated woman would wear, IMO. It’s something a teenage girl would consider as classy. The fact that Arianna Grande has a fragrance that smells almost identical and aimed at teenage tastes and pockets says it all. There are much, much better offerings from MFK.

  6. Please help! I received a sample of this today. I sprayed it on my wrist and loved it! Then I rubbed my wrist together and it morphed into something unpleasant. How is that possible???😟

  7. There is simply NO PERFUME OUT THERE THAT CAN COME CLOSE TO BACARAT ROUGE (the edp)! It is that ONE perfume that has the same effect as that elixir perfume created by perfumist in that 2006 movie “Perfume: story of a murderer”. It has crowds swooned, like a spell, that you cannot put your finger on and cannot explain. If expensive royal rich lush luxury class could be distilled into a fragrance it is exactly BACARAT ROUGE (the eau de parfum clear bottle!). Fresh, candy-flosslike, warm, mesmerising – it’s like magic in a bottle. If you want to smell expensively classy and luxurious, buy this one. No questions asked. Save till you can afford it. And if it runs out, after a long time, save for it again!

  8. Interesting you use the word “sour” for the extrait. I find it sweet gourmand with a sexy spice kick but not sour … but smell is subjective. Enjoyed hearing about the history of the perfume

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