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  1. Yeah, I couldn’t smell it on me and didn’t see all the hype but since do like MFK A La Rose and bought that but my favorite is Parfum de Marly Delina which is also beast mode.

  2. Great review! Most people are anosmic with Br540 but yes definitely people around you will definitely smell you. Performance of this is amazing, great projector and the sillage it leaves is intoxicating! 😊

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    I have fragrance du bois, xerjoff, mfk, diptyque, and other niche brands.
    I am a member of frag communities here in the Philippines πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  3. Honest Review:

    Bought a bottle and very saffron-y at first. And hindi ko sya type kasi amoy matanda (haha sorry ✌🏻) pero after 15-20 mins, may pagkasweet na parang amoy fresh na christmas tree and i like it! (and even friends told me na they liked it on me better sa a la
    rose homme)

  4. We have the same experience. I have to constantly ask my hubby if i still smells good. Smelling from the bottle, it is so gorgeous, and i wanted to love it. But for some reason, hindi ko sya maamoy. She is like a ghost, you smell it lightly and then a split second it is gone. It does not project well on me. I do not even know if it has an amazing silliage. This is a Niche perfume made with molecules. Maybe, my body chemistry does not respond well with synthetic scent. I think my nose is into heavy, dense, beast scent, like Portrait of a Lady. This is also a Niche perfume by Frederick Malle, made by Dominique Ropion. My all time favorite scent. I always got a lot of compliments, and sometimes people will stop me just to ask what i am wearing. Going bak to BR 540, if you are new to niche perfume, this is the one for you.

  5. I bought some sample from MFK website (I didnt want to blind buy lol) directly since its cheaper. Totoo na pag ibang tao ang lakas ng amoy. I sprayed a little bit sa pulse point ko para lang ma-test ko yung amoy kung gusto ko ba. Hindi ko siya halos maamoy pero noon pumasok kapatid ko sa kwarto ko sabi ang lakas daw ng pabango ko. πŸ˜­πŸ˜… Parang faint na cotton candy smell/sugar siya na a bit woody. Mas gusto ko ng konti yung BR540 Extrait. Amyris Femme at A La Rose din mas gusto ko

  6. One of my favorite niche perfumes.. for me it's a big big thumbs up.. πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Also strongest projection and silage. Gaya ng Ebra Pura by xerjeoff..🀩
    Shoutout lods, from ksa-ph..πŸ₯°

  7. Thanks for this review. Very helpful especially for Filipino noses which we can't have from others. More success to the channel. On Baccarat Rouge, if it's just sugary sweet, I don't think it's worth the price. You can have the same effect or even more with Juicy Couture. Love it on my wife! πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you Naya for the review.
    I wanted to try mfk because nga of the review that i saw from foreign vloggers which somehow is very inviting.
    But based on your review, i dont think its for me. I prefer a long lasting floral parfum but not heavy or matapang sa pang amoy. Many thanks i really appreciate it. God blessπŸ™β€

  9. So thankful I watched this video, I learned a lot and buti my nag-eexplain na bout perfumes in Tagalog para mas maintindihan😊keep it up poπŸ‘New subscriber hereπŸ’ƒ

  10. I have both version, the EDP and Extrait bought from Adora Greenbelt. Th extrait is much more detectable in my case as I go full anosmic with the EDP. Its true though, compliments galore. I wear it to enjoy myself but compliments are a nice bonus.

  11. I find the scent more pang women sya. ang weird di ko rin sya maamoy after ispray like minutes after. I have to ask the attendant to spray another bago ako umalis sa store kasi nde ko talaga maamoy. after the second spray before ako umalis ng store na medyo madami ang inispray dun ko lng siya naamoy pagalis ko pero i have a feeling n ganun nga effect nya na di mo siya naamoy sa iyo. But compare to other scent kasi ng mfk naamoy ko siya. As for the scent i dont like it also, not worth it sa price nya. Pero kung mura lng pede na sana. Complex ung amoy nya may pagka burnt candy, airy, vanila scent, pero tama ung sabi din ng iba may amoy parang band aid siya at hospital scent after ilang hours n siya sau. Basta napaka complex ng scent nya kasi paibaiba minsan ung maamoy mo bat for me pambabae siyang perfume talaga its a sweet scent for male to wear.

  12. This fragrance is just amazing! I didnt like it at first, the smell has a clinic vibe on me. but i tried it anyway just to see how it goes on me. I was alone in my office, sprayed it. After 2 hours, a colleague came in and we were like 2 meters away from each other and he said wow you smell great! wow! but i'm not smelling it on myself, good thing i didnt retouched! πŸ™‚

  13. Hi new subbie here! Lovin your channel..
    Any recommendations ng perfume na light and fresh?? I used to wear clinique happy or d&g light blue.. but wanting to try different.. thank u 🀍🀍

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