1. I must smell the original!! I love the extrait but the price is so high for me!!! I have a friend that he is noseblind in the extrait!! So thnks for the info!! I hope they are close and I will not have to buy the extrait!!! 😂🤣

  2. I heard so many opinions about Baccarat Rouge 540, I don't know what to think about it anymore! The idea is that most of the people I know say that it smells like medicine. But, you described it so nice! As far as I read reviews, it's a perfume that smells different on each person. My opinion is that this is a very complex perfume, that needs attention and a very careful examination, probably the price justifies itself this way. All in all, the comparison is interesting, and you give me such a good vibe,as usual.🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. I love them both, however I quickly become anosmic to the EDP version once I start wearing it, but it's indeed a masterpiece. The extrait version has a better overall performance, so it doesn't act as weirdly as the EDP one.

  4. I recently got the original. I get nose blind to the extrait very quickly. The extrait is a bit smoother and I can smell the almond note. Shame it doesn't work for me. I like to smell perfume I wear, to be wrapped in its cloud.

  5. A lot of people say the baccarat rouge 540 is like a ghost on them but in my case when i wear it it stays on me and i can smell it the whole time… I also have tried the 540 extrait and on me it was not as strong as the 540.

  6. This jumper's color is dreamy!! You look really good in it, suits you! I haven't smelled any of the two. I have although Cloud by A.Grande. I like it but it's just ok for me. Also, I can't really feel it a lot on me but a co-worker one time said that "it's really strong!! (emphasis on strong)" and one stranger said "I smell goood". I'm waiting on a decant of the extrait and I think I might prefer it because of the almond, which is one of my favorite note.

  7. I own both of them and while I love both of the scents, I actually prefer the extrait versions scent due to the almond note, but the sillage of that extrait is not that good. The parfum lasts longer to me, so I'm not going to repurchase the extrait again. So I'm definitely buying the 6.8 version of the parfum when it runs out. I also own Gentle Fluidity Gold, Feminin Pluriel and Amyris Femme eau de parfum. This house is beautiful, I love it so much. MFK really is a master nose, his creations are the bomb!

  8. Great comparison! I sampled both and enjoyed the hell out of the edp but this "ghost like behaviour" really really bothers me. I've ended up buying the extrait since its indeed a touch more masculine

  9. So happy I found this video! I ordered the edp from Bloomingdales and had them send a different one because I thought something was wrong with mine! I couldn't smell it at all and those around me said they couldn't either. The second one was the same so I ordered a sample pack from the mfk website including the extrait and don't have the same problem with that one! I'm planning on swapping the one I have now and just paying the extra amount because it is annoying, like you said. If I spend $300+ on a perfume, I want to smell it! Lol thanks for the info!

  10. This perfume doesn’t have “notes.” It’s been designed around accords which are largely synthetic, which is why you can’t pick out notes.

    The medicinal quality that appears in the EDP is actually the saffron accord.

    It’s a magical fragrance.

  11. How to tell good from bad, juxtaposition,

    Noelle is the perfumery industry's biggest sensation,

    My own nose doesn't know what it knows,

    That's why I seek out the guidance of one who's surpassed all plateaus,

    Oh Zeita, how to put into words this poor heart's situation


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