1. I actually bought samples of each and could barely smell f at all the EDP version for some reason, but I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY and loved the Extrait. Here I am on election night waiting on my 70ml to arrive Thursday.

  2. Thank you for your take on this fragrance. If you can only have just one…which would you take? I know you said that you like the smell of the EDP a little more, but since you like the strength of the extrait I thought I’d ask. Lol. Thank you in advance. Holla.

  3. I recently got the Extrait version , given by my friend who’s upset by the fragrance doesn’t work on her , she said after an 1hr or 2 the smell just gone and she doesn’t smell anything on her , clothes even her friends act the same. But after i tried my self, I had a different vibes, it’s just simply work miracle on me … I can still smell it after 6hr, or 8hr my friend also smell it good . Next day I woke up and still smell it on my wrist, I think some people allergic to expensive luxurious perfume, they just goes blind nose … they even said the inspired perfume more lasting and smell stronger than original, perhaps their skin attached to it better … I just shared them this video so they can truly understand their skin type or their smell sense …

  4. I have my nose blind to the EDP which I could only smell the scent for only few minutes and it seems to disappear real quick. The extrait has an almond scent in it and my nose respond to this scent better and last longer on my skin. For me the extrait is the one to go for.

  5. Please when you say Parfum do not pronounce the M at the end. That’s how it’s pronounced in French. The way you say it it means something else. It means by woman. Really annoys me.

  6. The extrait version is not masculine at all is more feminine on me that the edp. Its less woody. Which is why I like it more.

  7. It was a long journey, it took me about a year. At first I didn't like it much but was still intrigued by it and kept trying it every few weeks. Slowly I started enjoying it and then it became a love. I bought the EDP a month ago. If I wear it every day I become anosmic to it. So I wear it a couple of times a week and have no issues with it, I can smell it on myself with no problem. Lasts a long time and has lovely sillage. I now want the Extrait as well.

  8. I just added EDP to my collection a Valentines present but I had to go sniff it first. I really like this one but honestly I love them both!! ❤️❤️

  9. So interesting to see everyone's review on this fragrance. For me the EDP smell stays very present for a whole day, sometimes two days. If sprayed on my clothes, I can smell it on there until I wash my clothes. I never worn a perfume with this kind of longevity. I do understand fragrances that disappear. My Byredo Gypsy Water disappears on me after a couple of hours.

  10. I just tried the dupe (alt no.23) for baccarat rougue 540 EDP today and girllll I was like what the hell! It did not wow me at all and I say that with utmost modesty. Everyone says it’s unique smelling but it definitely isn’t to me atleast. I’ve smelled lot of cheap deodorants from my childhood that smell like this. This to me smells like a candy coating on some fruit or something. All in all I am so confused as to why people like this. I just cannot see the speciality in this. This was so disappointing. I only get a very very sweet fruity candy coating, which I HATE fruity sweet smells 🤢🤢

  11. Hello Guys, I have the 200ml extrait which was purchased on the website, but it looks like there are some particles floating around inside the bottle, should I get a refund or is this normal?

  12. I like BR 540, but it’s that sillage for me…no way am I ever paying that price for a perfume that doesn’t project.

    The dry down is so similar to Cloud that I’d rather just stick to that cheaper option 🤷🏼‍♀️

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