1. I’ve chosen the collective name for all of us. We are all unicorns. (Ofcause☺️). The collective name for us is the unicorn family. I see us all as one big family. Blessed to of found each other. Now got to figure out who said it first.

  2. BR 540 .Is it worth 300 pounds? Many people like it ,many wearing daily with smile .They decided.Expensive ingredients or not ,still selling well .Perfumer or genius Perfumer ? Buy it if you want or create something better for less money.Choice is yours.

  3. I’m not really a fan of BR540, doesn’t intrigue me. However, I own both the Extrait and EDP for some reason lol. The Extrait is one of the strongest if not the strongest fragrance in my collection

  4. Ultimately it comes down to you. Then your fan base. Maybe considering offering one fragrance with an ethical Ambergris and a vegan alternative if it works well. Or what the heck I’m sure plenty of your supporters would be happy to have ethical Ambergris in something you offers. Personally it’s a non issue for me.

  5. MFK Grand Soir and Aqua Celestia Forte are my favorites from this house. BR 540 was a disappointment for sure. It is sickly sweet and it smells more of chemicals rather than natural.

  6. Sorry, but I just don't agree with most any of what you said. BR540 Extrait is one of the greatest of all time. You were completely wrong in your assessment in that both its longevity and projection are great in my experience. And the scent itself is just a masterpiece.

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