After winning one of @MrCologne76’s Scent Provoking Sunday contests on Instagram, I have the chance to review a collection of niche perfumes I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. The first in my series of videos reviewing niche perfumes covers Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait.

Follow @MrCologne76 so you can have a chance to win samples or a full bottle of perfume/cologne:

To purchase a $6 sample or $425 bottle of Baccarat Roughe 540 Extrait:

#BaccaratRouge540 #NichePerfume #OhSoScentsitive



  1. I heard so much about this fragrance house. 540 is really good. I'm also new to Niche fragrances. Mrcologe76 is amazing. I'm learning so much about fragrances. Yes his giveaways are great. We can try expensive fragrances Samples are great. So happy you love it. Thank you for the review πŸ‘ good job. @maryjeannyc on Instagram

  2. Hiβ™₯️,im new subbie!…would definitely like to sample that fragranceπŸ’• thanks for putting me on to Mrcologne76πŸ’•. Have a blessed week🌷

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