Hello Lovelies! Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait De Parfum is one of the most talked about fragrances of a year . Mr Kurkdjian is the famous nose behind this perfume. I cannot wait to share this Unboxing experience with you! This perfume was one on my perfume Wishlist for 2020. I will share some background knowledge on the creation of Baccarat Rouge!

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  1. I own the EDP and this one too. I love this one so much because it las longer than the EDP. I can’t even smell the EDP on me and that’s a shame. You can get the original it smells so nice but you will not be able to smell it on you. So is the extrait reserve for a special occasion or it is an everyday scent. Thank you

  2. This is my stable perfume, have the perfume, extract, body lotion and hair mist. Mine last 6 months but tend to buy the 70ml but will probably but the larger one as I have the Channel Mademoiselles Intense and Original both in a 200ml worth every penny as I have had them for a year and a half and they are still going strong. Lockdown has helped as I do not use them unless I am going out which is limited as I am working from home.

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