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Salutations friends! Today I am letting you know my thoughts on the popular comparison of Baccarat Rouge 540 against Ariana Grande Cloud? Are they dupes? well watch to find out!

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  1. As much as I adore you with all my respect for you my dear I disagree about having the same experience with Ariana fragrance , it’s cheap and it’s not a favorite for me versus baccarat I live in it. Ariana’s perfume bottle feels cheap and that stupid cloud packaging is a major turn off verses 540 it feels so nice in the hand the luxury and the design of the bottle is simple elegance and it gives me life. I’m not a perfume snob, I promise I do own cheaper fragrances and even like the first three of Ariana’s perfumes the once with the puff ball but they are like a body spray/ room spray quality and are not on the same level as a good perfume would be.

  2. I bought a sample of Baccarat Rouge 540 (extrait) 3 weeks ago and till now, every time I try to smell this perfume, I just can't! I've already sprayed it on my skin, on clothes, in the air and NOTHING, just a VAGUE and really faint smell of something sweet that was burnt and that is it. It is a let down to me 🙁 unfortunately.

  3. Well…Thank you!!! Did not know about that and I keep looking and thinking about Baccarat Rouge 540! I really enjoy your recommendations as I enjoy similar scents. Thank you!

  4. I purchased samples of 540 and every time I get free samples with purchase I get them but I never jumped at the bottle. I recently bought Cloud and I really like it. Not exactly the same but close enough. I even bought the Dua Club Nuit! When I layer the two together you can hardly tell the difference. Thanks!

  5. I have BR extrait (it was a gift). I always found it to be nice but it smells kind of one-note on me. It smells like something for a younger person. Teen. No one would guess the cost of it either. So it's nice to know that if I decide to replace this smell in my fragrance wardrobe I can do it cheaply. Thank you.

  6. Great vid as always! I have never sprayed BR540 myself but I had heard this about it before, so I gave Cloud a try in store. I liked it initially and thought I would be back for it, but the dry down smelled like a man on me! I keep looking around in Starbucks wondering who the heck had such strong cologne, and it was me! It was a little distracting to me so I do not think I will purchase.

  7. Though I’m not found of the packaging of cloud, I love the scent and prefer it to 540. I like that’s it’s not as beast mode. I live in the Sonoran Desert and 540 becomes too thick in the air.

  8. I have to be honest, I think both of these smell like cheap air freshener. A coworker of mine wears Cloud and all I can think of when I smell it is a Glade Plug in. 🤭

  9. The difference in price is because of the person who has designed the fragrance. You pay for the mastery and expertise of the creator, it's like to say: "This painting looks exactly like Picasso's, and it is much cheaper, so I will buy the cheaper version of the two paintings !!!!" That cheap painting would NEVER be picasso's value.
    Francis Kurkdjian is that PICASSO PERFUMER, a total GOD in HIS CRAFT which is blending scents. On the other hand Ariana Grande is a GODDESS in HER CRAFT which is singing and performing NOT blending scents.

  10. It's interesting when perfumers are able to mimic a scent with a set budget given to them. Clement Gavarry created Cloud and was probably given limited resources, but Francis Kurkdjian can pretty much do what he wants now. At one time he was in the same position and didn't have this freedom to create scents. It's been cool to see him transition from Green Tea to Grand Soir, and I think he's an expert at using orange blossom.

  11. I've tried both already on my skin. I shall say nothing will beat rouge540. For me it's very unique. But cloud smells good as well and i just bought it coz i cant afford rouge540 hahahahaha

  12. I don't like the cloud packaging it looks tacky like something a child would wear not a grown adult woman. I like the bottle to look nice on my dresser as well and cloud does not and it looks cheap. I hear Nordstrom's is gonna carry baccarat rouge soon I'll have to smell it. I also heard that Burberry her intense is a dupe as well and it's the same fragrance designer from 540.

  13. I don't know what your smelling. I bought the purse spray and full size bottle of cloud. It does not smell like BR 540 or the extrait. You guys need to stop with this band wagon bs. I wasted my money because of reviews like this. I sold my full bottle and still have the purse spray. If you want BR540 and trying to save money try DUA fragrance version. Just my humble opinion.

  14. Great review! Thank you. What do you think about purchasing the Baccarat 540 body cream and pairing it with Cloud? I live in a desert climate and love using body creams because it’s so dry here.

  15. Tried Cloud today, It smells like sweet n sour candy sometimes to me- sometimes I get the coconut warmth after a few minutes, and then other times like a sour candy kind of smell?? Hard to describe. Haven’t tried MFK BR540 yet (sample on the way). Do you get that sour candy smell from Cloud??? Does BR EDP have that too????

  16. Thank you for the review. Now, two years later, I think it must be pretty much common knowledge that Cloud is a good substitute for BR540. I haven't had the opportunity to smell either of the BR540 originals, but I have tried two different dupes (an oil from Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics and both versions from Alexandria Perfumes). The UNI BR540 perfume oil is a MONSTER fragrance that persisted in my bathroom for over a week. The Alexandria dupes (Interplay) seem to be equally overpowering. I think it is partly my nose. Where some people seem to be anosmic to some of the newer fragrance chemicals, I seem to be especially attuned to this (maybe the saffron, or effect of saffron on the other notes). In any case, Cloud body spray seems to be just the right amount of fragrance for me! I also bought the EDP, but for day to day wear, the $10 body spray is the best choice, and an even better bargain.

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