Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum vs Dua Fragrances Casino Royale Nights Fragrance Review

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  1. This is the first time I am hearing about the clone brand, def want to try some of their creations. I have the official sample of the BR540 EDP, and I have heard that the extrait version sits a lot closer to skin and has poor projection. Do you find that the clone of 540 extrait performs better? Also, many people smell iodine and bandages in the original EDP version, and even though on my first try, it was warm and sweet and smokey and I was literally ready to buy a bottle, a couple days later when I tested it again, all I got was the medicinal hell, I was almost in tears. Would you say that the duo version of the original edp has the same medicinal overtones or none whatsoever / considerably less? Thank you

  2. Believe it or not, IIRC anyway, there’s a Japanese tech company that created an electronic nose that absolutely can measure smells 😜

  3. Great review man 👍 I completely %100 agree with you every step in the way.
    I own Dua Casino Royal Night for a while now & today I decided to pull the trigger on Baccrat Rouge 540 Extrait Edp.
    So, I went & sample it .However, I can say that they are almost close by %99 🤔 I couldn't believe how DUA perfected it.🤯
    Both are beast mode, the only difference is that Baccarat has a piercing note lingers in the air & it was kind harsh on my nose a little bit but with the Dua I don't get that harsh note.
    After watching your review, I decided to not to purshase the Baccrat for the time being & to give it more time before pulling the trigger although I love Baccrat's smell.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. I bought that Casino Royal and it’s nothing like the original MFK. It’s like a chemical poison. It burns your skin. Horrible. I recommend nobody buys this stuff. Scam!!

  5. Thanks for the review….I just got the DUA version and I haven’t tried the original….I definitely like DUAs inspired collections…..pretty damn close to the originals….btw I recall Ashton’s review about the Aventus clone…At the time I agreed completely…it wasn’t close!….HOWEVER, a few months later I re smelled it again….virtually identical!….Sometimes I think DUA needs to age their newer fragrances longer…maybe?

  6. Awesome and entertaining review as always! I personally enjoy the occasional clone review, so keep them coming! On a side note, I dig your crisp black t-shirt, it's the blackest black colored shirt I've ever seen!

  7. Love these clone reviews, already bought Laventure Aventus clone because of you and its fire ! I can afford all these expensive (one per month max lol) fragrances but I can't justify paying 200-300 euros for liquid that will end up empty. And with clones you can get 3-4 ones for the price of one and then rotate 🙂 That's how I see it..

  8. How long is the longevity? I ordered a sample of 540 it didnt last long and i have Ariana Grande cloud it doesnt last long either. How long does this last and can i still smell it the next day?

  9. Don't care about clones vs original issue but I have a Dua's Bois Précieux et Épices (Creed's Spice and Wood) and I am feeling less then pleased and I want to beat the shit out of everyone who claimed that it has any amount of longevity at all. Projection and sillage was less than an hour and that is abyssal for a Extrait de Parfum. Turned into a skin scent within the hour, hour and a half.
    Yes, it smelled great, yes it is really close to the original but US$65 (before discount) for a 30ml scent that has essentially an effective use window of an hour is ridiculous.

    It might just be this scent but buyer beware.

  10. Great video, I enjoy your channel very much. I own both fragrances and I have completed multiple tests. These are my thoughts, but first the stats, I'm on my 40s, male, I dress formally during the day and casually during the evenings and weekends. I'm not a perfume expert but I own over 500 fragrances, niche and designer, kind of a hobby, so I have some reasonable experience. Back to my thoughts, Dua Fragrances Casino Royale Nights has a great opening, with clear fruity, cedar and musk notes. The scent isn’t floral, it leans more towards the fruity side incorporating equally cedar and musk which combines to provide a great scent, it is an incredible opening, but please keep on reading. It is truly unisex; it does not lean to masculine or feminine, like Dua Fragrances Best Citrus Ever where the combination of citrus and lavender leans it a bit towards the feminine side. The opening of Casino Royale Nights is crisp and aromatic, pleasant but I wouldn’t call it ultra-strong or beast mode, I think its opening is equally strong to Creed Aventus or Georgio Armani Profumo, similar but definitely not more. The fragrance is ideal for almost all occasions except sports. The dry-down is not as powerful as the opening, actually, it is more on the moderate side of things, I tested carefully and after 4 hours it was close, very close to the skin; extra sprays may be required to maintain projection. Side by side and as a reference, the dry-down of Casino Royale Nights is similar to the dry-down of Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP, both are moderate to low. The dry-down of Creed Aventus and Dior Savage EDT are stronger than Casino Royale Nights. The dry-down of Casino Royale Nights is for sure not as projecting as the opening. Although very similar to MFK Baccarat Rouge 540, I don’t think they are identical, this last one dries-down a bit sweeter and seems to stay longer on my skin. However, for the price, Casino Royale Nights is a great alternative. I think Dua Fragrances Supernova, which replicates Roja Parfums Elysium has a stronger dry-down but again, no beast modes here. Cheers!

  11. I just opened my CRN about 2 hours ago,,,,cant complain about the smell,,,,very nice imo….but this beast mode you speak of is none existant,,,,yes I can still smell it on back of my hand etc,,,but it does not project as lets say Instant Crush by Mancera,,,,now that is beast mode,,,,mine is equivalent to La Nuit De L'Homme at this point,,,does not project very well neither,,,,perhaps it needs to open up as they say,,,,otherwise Im content,,,,time will tell,,,,for the price i paid after exchange and shipping I want ,,no demand and expect more performance! thnx good review

  12. Duas version of MFK Oud Satin Mood is incredible and more than 90% close. It’s all in the dry down . But it’s been sold out for a long time now . As soon as they get it back in stock, I’m buying back ups . Duas version of Nishane Ani is also very very nice, actually it’s much nicer than Nishane Ani. Dua and Alexandria are my favorite dupe houses . I’m impressed with the fragrances of both houses.

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