Baccarat Rouge 540 is one of my favorite hyped frags recently. Here are a few KILLER alternatives.
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00:00 – The BR540 HYPER COMBO
01:54 – The Trojan point
03:10 – Stronger version
04:54 – Cheaper niche
05:56 – More daring option
07:23 – Middle Eastern inspired
08:21 – For gourmand lovers
09:48 – Cocktail version
10:52 – A cheaper cocktail version
11:35 – BONUS ROUND: Fails
11:46 – Nope
12:16 – Nope, but good
12:50 – Nope, but weird
13:38 – Nope, but great
14:40 – What’s your favorite?

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  1. Welp, I was hoping to criticize you for not including Ariana Grande…but ya did. That was "the" frag that ruined 540 for me, permanently. It's like a "bad" 540. And my nose wouldn't let me sniff 540 proper ever again.

  2. So interesting that you mentioned Kalamazoo as a mixture in the same vein as mixing BR540 and Layton Exclusif… I remember telling my wife that it seemed to be a brûléed version of BR540.
    Great take on this, and of the two versions of BR540, I prefer the Extrait version more because of the almond note, but since I got the EDP first, I couldn’t see spending more money for BR540 Extrait.
    You’ve definitely added a couple of fragrances to my must try list: Absolutio and Rouge Trafalgar.

  3. Can you please make a video featuring you saying “Baccarat Rouge” 540 times consecutively and then at the end you can say 540 😂 by the way, Apres L’amour strikes me as better – slightly more musky and masculine version of BR540. I own 540 but have my eye on Apres L’amour when I run out. Great vid man!

  4. My personal one is by swiss Arabian and it's called ghaaram. It's not super cheap I believe 79 dollars for a 50 ml but the packaging is also amazing I would say its 95% the same as br540 and it lasts as long. It smells amazing

  5. Out of all the ones you mentioned I only have saint julep and first time I smelled it I was like YES I need that the next day lol I got 5 from ia at this moment just got cobra and the canary .

  6. Welcome episode that expands upon your previous BR540 comparisons (i.e., Kalan and Instant Crush). Okay, I've smelled Kalan and it was nice…but didn't strike me as being a replacement for 540. Instant Crush has been on my to sniff/buy list for some months, but hard to find a bottle without paying full retail these days. Absolutio sounds nice, but I just tried to order a bottle (excellent 30% off sale) but Steven is out-of-stock…sad, but true.

    What do Jeremy's Day for Woman and Saint Julep have in common? They are both overpriced rubbish IMO…$25 scents being sold for far too much, with Saint Julep being one of my most headache inducing/worst blind buys. To be honest, other than being toilet water I am not sensing any similarities between BR540 and Saint Julep. Amazing how we all smell things differently. Regardless, I enjoyed the alternatives being presented, and I hoping to buy/sample Instant Crush and Absolutio in the coming weeks. BR540 is quite nice, but I don't love it enough to warrant paying $$$ and, to be honest, I would probably enjoy it better if it went just a slightly different direction. Cheers!

  7. You’ve probably already gotten this perfume-tip from somebody else by now, but I think Le Couvent Maison de Parfum
    Parfums Remarquables – Tinharé, has some similar qualities to BR540.

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