Hello Everyone! I hope you enjoy this video of me breaking down my thoughts on the infamous BR540 and all the “dupes”/similar fragrances that I have tried from all different price ranges. I’ve gone down a long journey with this scent and I hope you find my findings helpful.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about BR540 and if you have tried any of the other scents I mention!

I know this is a long one so I have the time stamps below!

Perfumes Mention/Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
Baccarat Rouge 540: 2:50
10-Zara: 6:13
9-Initio: 7:54
8-Burberry: 9:34
7-Mancera: 11:19
6-Atelier Cologne: 13:00
5-Swiss Arabian: 15:03
4-Tiziana Terenzi: 16:35
Top 3 Intro 18:25
3-Ariana Grande: 19:02
2-Zara: 21:05
1-Al Hariman: 22:40
25:10 Outro

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  1. Has anyone tried the All Saints Sunset Riot? I hear it’s a dupe? My husband bout me BR540 for Vday this year but i was buying dupes for a while lol

  2. there are a few more if youre interested that smell very close, some even closer than cloud..christian siriano ool la rouge, banana republic rosewood amor, sunset in heaven, thomas kosmala apres la mour and dua's version casino royale. btw those dimples are gorgeous…..

  3. This video really helped me decide on a blind buy wish list . Other YouTubers are comparing dupes to a decanted vial from Lucky scent or other online retailers which I’ve had a few bad experiences with. I really value that you have the ACTUAL juice to compare possible dupes.

  4. I have enjoy your Review , you are very knowledgeable of Baccarat Rogue, I may look into some of the Colognes you' be spoken about. I don't like the one you spoke about The Leather Scent

  5. Amber Oud Rouge is meant to dupe BR540 Extrait. I can't tell any difference. I have the official travel spray from MFK. I like BR540 but I'm anosmic to it so I won't buy it. I'm happy with Amber Oud Rouge.

  6. The top fragrances to be carbon copies of Baccarat and everyone stops you and thinks and asks if your wearing Baccarat are: Tiziana Terenzi Spirito Fiorentino and Al Haramain Amber Rouge. I thought in this video those two would be your top and I see you did give Amber Rogue acknowledgement of being so close to Baccarat. I own it as well as Spirito and I love these both the same or more than Baccarat. Spirito Fiorentino I ended up liking more than Baccarat. It somehow is just as beautiful but more mysterious and slightly more masculine than Baccarat and it keeps changing throughout the notes and drydown. Great video

  7. Beautiful hair.. and btw, I highly suspect that if you added up all the $$$ you spent on dupes you could’ve put that money towards 1 bottle of the actual thing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ * $30/dupe x 10 = $300.

    I love Cloud, but it’s not the same..doesn’t smell as sophisticated to my nose.

  8. You should try Tinhare from Le Couvent des minimes. Some people say that it doesn't last so much, but on me for example it stays for 10 to 12 hours, with 3 or 4 sprays. Unfortunately I get a lot of that medicinal note, but I think it's about 90-95% similar to Baccarat rouge.

  9. Can you do a video on dupes for the extrait version of the BR, its my absolute fav of all time but I need to find more affordable substitutes 🙂

  10. I immediately clicked on your video when I saw Santal Carmin. I’m 21 now, and my uncle gave Atelier Cologne fragrance samples to me (probably because he didn’t need it) when I was 17 years old, and among those was Santal Carmin. It’s so perfect.

  11. ***UPDATE: I actually responded in a different video, but I’m gonna post my update here too. Lol. PRIVATE MUSK IS A SILLAGE MONSTER!!! I have over a hundred fragrances. Just yesterday, I was standing in the lobby at my job when my supervisor walked past me and said “what cologne are you wearing?” When I told him, he said “that’s it right there. Where did you get it from?” Out of all the fragrances that I’ve worn to work, over the past year of collecting, this is the first time that he has ever said anything about one of my fragrances. Additionally, at the moment he gave me the compliment, I was 7 hours into wearing it, so I was surprised that he could even smell it. I could smell it, but I thought it was a light scent bubble.

    Also, before I went to work yesterday morning, while I was applying Private Musk, my wife said that smells really good. She also stated, “I don’t know what you were wearing when you were cutting the grass yesterday, but I could smell you (pointing where she was standing outside) on that end of the house while you were on the other end of the house”. Again, the sillage is just OUTSTANDING!!! When my skin heats up, Private Musk is a PROJECTION MONSTER!!! This was totally unexpected. I thought I was buying it strictly for layering. I didn’t realize it would be a great standalone fragrance. You showed out with this recommendation. Lol. Holla.

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