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Today I’m sharing my first impression on a very popular fragrance!

Fragrance Mentioned:
Maison Francis Kurkdjian http://bit.ly/2kff7d2
Eau de parfum
Body Cream
Body Oil
Fragrance Notes:
Cedar wood

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  1. I just tried the original one first!!! It has snatched my life!! OMGGGGGG it smells so good💕💕💕 Ill be saving up for a bigger bottle

  2. Thank you for the lovely video – super informative ! ❤️
    I definitely am obsessed with the perfume version!
    Does anyone know, are these cruelty free? I cannot seem to find any info on animal testing when it comes to Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

  3. A really great way to sample MFK fragrance is through their own website. You can get six 2ml atomizer samples (4 samples with your order and 2 more complimentary samples, if you add them to your cart at checkout) of their fragrance line, for only 15 Euros, which is around $14- $16! Shipping is fast and Ive sampled almost a dozen of their fragrances this way. If you are looking to sample MFK fragrances, you can't beat 12 ml of MFK straight from their factory in Paris, for $15 shipped to your door!


  4. I didn't love it either when I first smelled it so I decided to buy a decant of it and really try it out for a week and now I'm obsessed with this fragrance. I think that's what throws everyone off its that "you can't place it or put it in a category". Its the only scent in my collection that smells like its expensive.

  5. It’s literally BURBERRY ‘HER’ u know why????? Because Maison Francis is the creative “nose” behind Burberry Her! They also say Ariana Grande “cloud” is a dupe for both

  6. Ugh I want to love this fragrance. Flew to another 🙁island for it. I’ve used it at least half a dozen times and I am just not getting the loving vibe….yet. All I smell is overly sweet. Not the expensive fragrance I expected. My guy was like eh…

  7. I received samples of both fragrances and i had the same reaction as you. But I’m on my 3rd day of trying it and I still don’t love it. I like it but I’m still trying to figure out if it’s the scent for me

  8. Omg I tried this&loved it but held off so my gorgeous husband surprised me with a bottle of the 540 Extrait De Parfum &oud satin mood. I now hv multiple bck up bottles of baccarat Extrait .They were my 1st MFK fragrances. Little did I know my signature scent fr yrs ,shiseido zen, was made by MFK so I was already drawn to his style. MFK is my fave fragrance house I just can't find a house that beats it. I prefer Extrait De Parfum but that's just me (be careful not to spray on light coloured clothes bc the oil in the Extrait leaves an oil stain) .if u hold the bottle up to the light u can see lil teeny particles of the pressed ingredients &the oil swirling around .each bottle of Extrait has a slightly different colour(u can't see it through the red glass but the card says so)&scent bc the oils are hand done but that's why I love Extrait so much each bottle I hv is slightly different to the last but not enough to change ur mind just enough to feel it was handmade for u.

  9. So I purchased it a few day’s ago. I had the sample and I kind of liked it so I bought the perfume. Honestly I’m quite sure it will get pushed to the back of my collection. Is it worth $300? No I would honestly buy a dupe unless you just want to spend 300. Nothing really special about. I feel like I smell like candy with this on. Just my opinion

  10. When I first read The scent Notes I expected it to be more floral Than it is. I also agree that it smells burnt. I think that’s the oakmoss or maybe the saffron??? To me the closest I’ve come to a smell similar to it ( that is not a dupe) is bath and body works’ marshmallow fireside candle. It smells Smokey and sweet but more like carmalizing sugar and then a small hint of something floral. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ maybe I’m insane

  11. I just got the sample in the mail and i am excited to try this. Thank you for such an honest and realistic review. It makes a big difference in tempering expectations. Thaaaank youuu

  12. I ordered it from royalty scents to try it and I'm wondering if I got the real thing. People describe it as cotton candy and that's not what the scent I was sent smells like. Not really liking it.

  13. Girlllll I ordered a sample from Paris and I’m hooked I’m ordering the body oil and perfume right now….I have my 20 dollar off coupon too thanks for the tip!

  14. Which one did you prefer between the lotion and oil? Which has a stronger scent between the oil and lotion? Wanted to get one of those to layer with the edp…..

  15. I’ve been watching soo many of your videos and I’m like HOW do I become a perfume connoisseur like you when I grow up??? (I’m 28 btw lmao) these pockets aren’t built for this life but I LOVE fragrances!

  16. Thanks to you I ordered samples last week…they came today w/ a lovely note…the samples were tied with a ribbon….extra classy. ..this fragrance is stunning….I'm hooked I'm going to go on at pay those coins

  17. Girl, you deserve a million thanks for this video. I bought Baccarat Rough 540 two days back. It was a blind buy. I learned my lesson. Never ever going to blind buy Niche fragrances. I don’t smell anything in the bottle. Neither i felt anything much on skin. Felt like unpurified tap water which consist of lot of iron and other things. I am super disappointed.

  18. If you wanna buy an actual dupe that smells exactly like br540 its Al-Harmain (I'm not sure if that's how its spelt) but al harmain amber oud ROUGE.
    £55 for 100ml and it smells exactly smells like br540.

  19. Hi, I just got my Baccarat Rouge 540. 1st sniff I wasn’t quite impressed but after 2-3 mins as it dries down, it smells very pleasant. I got a lot of compliments from my colleagues and my friends, they told me I smell unique😅😇

  20. Cheyaye , thank you for the vid , I came across your channel and now I have both versions and I'm so obsessed with this scent , it changed my life , it make me happy , energized , excited like no others. And this will be the one I use for the rest of my life ! Love all your vid , you're amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I just received it today. My 13 year old says I smell expensive. I want to live all my days in a bottle of Bacc Rouge 540. I’m an old head fragrance lover and I’m floored by this scent. Like how? Wow. Purchased 2.5 ml bottle 15 minutes after first spritz and dry down.

  22. Hi Cheraye, you are right that you couldn’t place this fragrance. There is nothing else out there that comes close. The so called dupes do not come close in my opinion. It took me about a year to buy this, and last April during quarantine I treated myself. I can and do wear this fragrance in any kind of weather. Sometimes being in the house I don’t want anything heavy so I have worn it a lot during the lockdown. The only con is that it takes a lot of sprays for it to last on me, and the price, of course. But otherwise, this will be a fragrance I will repurchase.

  23. It’s like a cloud around you. You lose it. It’s changes then you get whiffs every now and then or not at all. Leave and come back in a room or area and it’s there waving at you. It’s a very weird fragrance. Lol I was all over the place too. So I wear it and let it do it’s thang. When I get compliments I’m so surprised because I’m like you can smell it?!! Like right now? Lol 🤣 it’s really annoying. But yeah kept it. I was two secs from returning smh

  24. I couldn’t smell anything and I get sprayed it too and still couldn’t smell it I got the authentic one too, apparently it’s not just me a lot of ppl can’t smell it, I don’t know why 🙁

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