Baccarat rouge 540 vs baccarat rouge extrait de parfum!

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  1. I knew it would be worth watching your review even I've heard a lot of them but no one used the : ''salty – sweet -marine'' description or ''mythical'' . Very helpful, thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video, I really appreciate your comparison😊Thinking of ordering a sample kit on their website. I'm really curious about how baccarat rouge smells, since it is hyped so much.

  3. This is a great comparison,really enjoyed your thoughts. And your so right, the Parfum is kinda non specific, and without proper substance. And the Extrait has more 'oomph', depth, grounding and a tangible substance. Really glad you enjoyed it. Fingers crossed we'll see a bottle of the Extrait in your collection one day. I can imagine how beautiful the photos will be with all your pretty accessories. Xxx

  4. This video was really helpful. And i strangely know what you mean when you say its sort if there but not there. When i had Not A Perfume by JHAG i thought it was a nice scent but at the same time it was so hard to smell. (I believe its primarily composed of ambroxan sot there you go.) Same with Esentric Molecule perfume. I'd smell it initially then immediately go anosmic to it, then maybe randomly I'd get a whiff if it much later, but most times i couldnt smell it at all after a few mintues from spraying. And i get that like Baccarat OTHERS can smell it, but frankly that's not good enough for me. Lol. I LOVE perfume. And i need to be able to smell it. A good one that i can continue to smell on myself even puts me in a good mood. So a perfume that i cant enjoy is a deal breaker for me. So i really appreciate you describing these and mentioning how ephemeral they seem to be. I've had so many perfumes over the yrs and out of the hundreds there have been so few that not only arent decently long lasting, but i cant actually continue to notice on myself either. (I do think that there are just certain notes or note combinations that our noses easily adapt to and so we cant smell them after a short time. I do wonder what makes that distinction. Why some and not others?) Luckily in this last year (with advice from others) I've actually found some that are really great. Like i cant believe how amazing they smell and how seemingly every time i inhale i get a beautiful whiff of it. For me those have been Angel Muse edp, Poison Girl edp, Reminiscence Ambre, Nishane Ani, Alien essence Absolue (actually got this one over a yr ago), Chanel Coromandel, By Kilian Angels Share, Tresor La Nuit and La Nuit a La folie, First Kiss Exclusif by Be Layered, Scandal By Night, Chanels Coco Mademoiselle Intense, Angel edp and Good Girl. I was surprised by that last one honestly. I might be forgetting some but those are the stand outs that come to mind. Specifically the first 3 are ones i really cant get enough of. Anyway maybe this will be useful to someone. Lol. Thanks for sharing! I definitely wont be buying a bottle of either Baccarat Rouge. Maybe ill buy a sample though. 😊🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Great Review Sally! I received a sample of the original. I liked it at first but, I too get nose blind with this fragrance. Although, I have noticed it sticking around on clothes, I can smell it on the cuff of my jacket after a couple days. I haven't had the chance to smell the extrait version yet. I am not sure if I would want this one in my collection. Your makeup is lovely! I noticed you wear a clinique lipstick. Which colour do you wear? Also, I was wondering if you were wearing a chanel quad on your eyes?Which one? If so it is beautiful on you!! Thank you for your review!!

  6. Great review! I prefer the extrait bc it’s more complex yet retains that brown sugar kind of vibe with more depth. I’m wearing lately Stella by Stella McCartney and layered it with Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay. The reason is when I wore Stella by itself the projection didn’t last more than an hour which was disappointing but when I layered it over the Jo Malone it projected for many hours and still retained the strong crisp rose.
    Love your blouse, it’s so pretty like you!

  7. scent of the day: Rituals Fleur de l'himalaya (if i spelt that right) + The Body Shop Coconut eau de toilette. i really reccomend Rituals perfumes they are stunning

  8. That’s too bad, going anosmic happened to me too and I prefer smelling my fragrances and enjoying them. I purchased samples from the MFK site, but I won’t be going for the full bottle for that same reason. Lovely video, Sally 🤗🥰!

  9. I love BR540, but I wish I could smell it on me, since it's the main reason why I wear perfume in the first place. But still, I prefer the scent of the original. There's something in the extrait that doesn't do it for me…🥰

  10. My scent of the day is Casamorati Lira by Xerjoff. I have the Original BR540 and although i like it, it is not on my top favourite list but it is for sure one of my most complimented fragrances ever. I never smelled the Extract version and your review made me curious… 😅

  11. Hey Sally,
    you look gorgeous in this top.
    You remind me of Spring that has early come!
    Interesting review and I'm thinking of getting a sample of BR540 as well as the other version of BR540 in July when I get new fragrances.
    For the time being I'm wearing the ones I have and spend time with them.
    I enjoy it and it's a complement getter.

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