Wearing this after having not worn it for ages and ages has taught me to appreciate it even more. Here are my updated thougths on Baccarat Rouge 540…why I don’t hate it, why I still love it and why I think it’s definitely worth the price tag over other dupes of it.

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  1. I bought the 200 ml recently from Notino, unfortunately I don't smell it. I use to smell it before, but now I don't. Even the samples that I had was a beast mode, now I can't small it again at all.

  2. My favorites are Rasasi Bareeq and AG Cloud. However I am done with dupes for this one 😅 After hunting down dupes for a while I’m no longer satisfied with 99% like claims 😅

    BR540 has a wonderful balance between heavy sweet richness and ethereal brightness that is so very unique. It’s this balance that seems difficult to replicate

  3. I find the KDJ inspired version a spot on dupe with great lasting power☺️ and the 50ml bottle is only 20£
    How many sprays do you use for this perfume? I sometimes feel like I overspray😅

  4. I had the same reaction when I first smelled this….I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever smelled. 🙂I only have a small decant so don't wear it very much. To me this is the standard for sillage performance. I compare everything to this! The only one I have that is similar is Instant Crush by Mancera, which is not a dupe in my mind…it has similar notes but on me it is much woodsier and not quite as sweet.

  5. I’m starting to fall for this fragrance as well. I have to say initially when I smelled it I wasn’t blown away but I think it’s because I had imagined it to be something totally different in my mind based on the hype and reviews I’d seen; so when I first sprayed it I was underwhelmed. However, the more I keep coming back to it, to dupes of it, I am beginning to see what the hype is for and I have to say it’s a beautiful fragrance.

  6. Also my favorite “dupe” (people call AG cloud a dupe; it’s not even close in my opinion like maybe 60% similar), is Sweden by Oakcha. I have a very very hard time noticing a difference between the two back to back and Sweven is a beautiful fragrance in and of itself.:) another is Amber Oud Rouge from Al Haramain.

  7. I have Cloud and a dupe from The Essence Vault, I really enjoy both but they are quite different. I have a sample of the real deal on its way and I am so excited to try. Once it arrives I think I’ll do a comparison video on my channel with all of them to see what the differences are ❤️

  8. I still can't decide if I want this. On my skin it does do the rubbery hospital thing – but the projection is the beautiful BR540 scent. So it's like, as long as I don't put my nose to my skin, it's awesome. I'm trying some dupes before I decide for sure. I'm cruelty free, so I can't try the Burberry For Her Intense; but I have Cloud – it's nice but doesn't last long on my skin. I'm waiting for my Fedrico Mahora to arrive (recommended by Paulina Schar here on YT). I'll also try Alexandria Fragrances Interplay and Dua Fragrances Casino Royale. I'll try to remember to report back!

  9. I’ve got two luxury decants of Baccarat Rouge 540. Sadly, it doesn’t last on me.
    I also get visions of yellow Chiquita bananas every time I spray it on (I really can’t help it). Maybe there’s something wrong with my nose. Happy greetz from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  10. I've never smelled the real fragrance, only oil dupes. I get the '"dentist's office" vibe from them, but I don't mind medicinal smells so it's not a deal-breaker for me. Looking forward to trying some other similar fragrances like Burberry Her, Amber Oud Rouge, etc. to see how they compare.

  11. My guy purchased it for me and I am happy to have it in my collection. It does has its own energy, the power of awareness that you don't get with wearing the dupes. Mindset is Everything and I feel that a woman should own at least one High end fragrance just for HERSELF 👑 just for the luxury of celebrating herself 🌹

  12. And I have Ariana Grande's Cloud and Burberry Her… they are nice in their own story. I never bought them for dupes, I purchased them because I liked them. 🌻

  13. Baccarat Rouge 540 remains an enigma to me. I keep trying to understand it!! Yes, I am one of those who smells betadine and latex, and am reminded of the sweet icky, smell of surgery. So maybe my nursing memory was formed first in my head and now my mind conforms BR 540 to past experiences. I do like Cloud and Burberry Her, even though the smell is similar, but the medicinal smell is gone.

  14. I tried Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge because of The Simple Chic Life and for me I really like it when you close your eyes and breathe in it just puts a smile on your face mmm smells so good 😊

  15. This scent is really amazing! At first i was disappointed that the smell kind of fade away and then goes back and then id experience nose blindedness but as i get to be used to the scent, i realized how powerful it is… for me it's the best scent ever! My perfume for life! 😍

  16. TOP 5 of all time. I really think it's at the 3rd spot but could actually be #1 because I could see me getting tired of my current 1 and 2 in 10 years. Lol. My favorite dupe is Ariana Cloud.

  17. It really is a mind blowing perfume! You know about 4 months ago when I was first discovering fragrantica- which got me collecting- I sampled Oud For Greatness and LOVED it and LAUGHED when I smelled it. When I read about it on fragrantica, ppl said it smelled like BR540 which I hadn’t yet heard of. So I ordered a decant and yes indeed, there is that burnt sugar/saffron in both. Anyway now I love both and think they are incredibly creative. I ordered a supposedly identical dupe, BTW, by Oakcha. Just look up Oakcha and you will find it.

  18. Hi Arlene! I am now a believer in the gospel of BR540. My husband, who is usually bothered by fragrance, doesn’t mind this one at all. I’m thinking about getting the Extrait, but I’m worried my husband might not like the “spiciness.” How spicy is it, and how long does the spiciness last? Thank you 🙏🏼

  19. I just can't afford to buy this puppy, and I don't like doing things like afterpay because I want things paid off right away. I want it so badly because yes, I smelled it once and just… holy shit what an absolute masterpiece. And you're right, it is so rightfully loved by nearly everyone – both fragheads and people who only enjoy fragrance casually. Cloud works well for me, but one day… she'll be mine. If I ever hear about them discontinuing BR540 I will go broke lol.

  20. I started off with oil perfumery dupe… that I had to get the real thing along with the body oil… I only got the AG cloud to see if it was the same… I like AG cloud but I feel the same way that you do. But sometime with BR 540 I can’t smell it but others can on me… but I will still rebuy!

  21. If Ariana Grande's commercial celebrity scent de jour can get anywhere in the 100 mile vicinity of this perfume, then it can't be unique enough to waist one more breath discussing it, let alone spend $300-$500 for a bottle. Thanks for the comparison, very eye opening to me!!

  22. I got this today! I find it amazing, and I truly understand the hype now. It somewhat quickly dried down to a skin scent, but I am told not to let myself be fooled into overspraying, so I will try to restrain myself 🙂

  23. I ordered a sample expecting to wowed but It definitely smells like disinfectant, dried out bleach aka hospital…it also smells like some kind of animal secretions. It is vomit inducing. I can’t wash it of my skin((( There is some kind of addictive quality to it though but it is not pretty, elegant or feminine at all. It is more rough and animalistic.

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