1. I actually fell completely in love with Baccrat rouge 540 for me the hype made sense another one I found really amazing from MFK was Gold fluidity. Both of these blew me away. ♥️

  2. I love BR 540, I started off with dupe oil roller ball… but the bullet and bought the perfume. Though I have to say normally I can’t smell it on me especially if I have also used essential oil on my skin first so I try not to do that if I’m wearing that. I also bought the spray oil of BR 540 to layer it. I wore it for Mother’s Day and I worked in the hospital that day and one of my patients loved it (male) he said it’s nice to smell something different than a hospital smell. I wore the aqua univalis one last night to sleep and can still smell it, very nice.

  3. Yeah, I think Baccart Rouge 540 is very pretty, but I think my favorite fragrances from MFK is Gentle Fluidity-Gold and Oud Satin Mood.

  4. I own Oud Satin Mood, Grand Soir, and Gentle Fluidity Gold. BR540 is ok. I prefer BR540 Extrait. I’m gonna save Oud Satin Mood, Grand Soir and Gentle Fluidity Gold for special occasions. I bought them when there was a 25% off sale from Lucky Scents.

  5. Yes, BR 540, you have to give it a time. This is new addition to my collection and I love it. It last on my skin, I can still smell it next day, quite addictive.

  6. Yay!! I myself just received samples last week of MFK 540 & the Extrait version to compare both to Cloud. I think the openings of both give that Cloud vibe but the mid & base is the different although the Cloud vibe remains. MFK 540 & Extrait both have a crystallized sugar smell to me that's deeper in the base while Cloud stays fresher with the lavender note. I likey!!

  7. I didnt care much for baccarat when i first smelled it on a coworker few years ago. Some days i would want to buy it, other days i didnt. It was like a cat&mouse game. Today, i absolutely love it. I own the perfume and the oil lol.

  8. Thank you for the review! I just ordered the samples for BR540 (both version). I really hope i’m not impressed or atleast i will love the EDP (since it’s slightly cheaper lol).

  9. I adore the BR540. I catch a whif in the air and for some mysterious reason it is so comforting. I've been considering the oud fragrances, after this review I do believe I'll be purchasing the samples. Thank you. 🤗

  10. I did a test of baccarat rouge when I went to the shops recently. I sprayed a card and my hand. My thoughts: the longevity is out of this world. I still have the card in my closet and there is STILL scent after more than a week. On my hand it lasted over 2 days how insane. One word tho, QUALITY. It's not mind blowing but I'll tell you, like a drug it's been on my mind ever since. All I can think about is how insanely unique it is. And I'm a floral musk girl. Maybe I could live with Ariana's cloud as a dupe but Oud Satin Mood has me so intrigued. I'm so bummed I didn't test oud satin mood 😭 I have a feeling that'll end up on my counter too like you!

  11. My favorite house! I have Oud Satin Mood, Grand Soir, Bacarat Rouge extrait and i've just ordered the 200ml bottle of eau de parfum.looking for Ciel de Gum and Absolut pour le Soir now!❤

  12. Apom femme, apom homme and femin pluriel are the best from this house.

    Please try Ganymede from Marc Antoine Barrois – it is a beautiful fragrance. Everyone should own a bottle!

  13. I bought a sample of the 540 extrait its a nice scent and long lasting but it did not work for me. The next morning I could still smell it on me it reminded me of my moms friends home back in the 80's. Her friend probably had a fragrance that was similar to the baccarat rouge 540.

  14. Thank God for samples!😁😁 So I got a sample of the extrait for 540 and oh my goodness! It is sooo lovely! I have Ariana Grande but not the original 540. Based on what I've heard about the differences, I don't think I'd like the 540. I DO plan to buy the extrait! Also from MFK I like Gentle Fluidity Gold. I purchased the new beautiful 1.2 oz size directly from MFK and I too really enjoyed the presentation. Thank you for the video😊

  15. I am just now watching this video. I purchases Baccarat 540 a few months ago. It is definitely super hyped, however the earlier hype before everyone jumped onto the wagon was right. I love it because I don't own anything that smells like it. That's why I blind bought it and didn't go to the dupes, its the scent I use when I want a certain day to attach to my scent. I honestly love it but now I want oud satin mood

  16. Hi, I am also from Canada! Were you charged duties for the samples? Have you ordered a full size directly from their website and been charged duties? Thanks

  17. I was wearing Baccarat Rouge 540 when I hugged my friend's dog. Met them one week later and he demanded to know what perfume I wore that made his dog smell good for days! On the other hand, I can't stand Oud Satin Mood. It smells like incense that my mother used to burn for offerings back in Indonesia. Baccarat Rouge 540 has to be worn one whole day to find it's beauty. I also have MFK's Aqua Vitae Forte which smells soooo beautiful and Grand Soir that smells luxurious.

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