In this very long video tutorial, I attempt to explain how all five major parts of a #baccarat scoreboard work. It is rather involved, thus the long length. Links:
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Baccarat Scoreboards:

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what would the big road show if the results were: B7, P6, B5, P4, B3, then a run of Players, say 4 or 5? This scenario happened at my local casino, except the final player was just a single player then it went to banker, which made me curious as to what would have happened had there been more players at the end.

  2. Thank you Mr.Shackleford ,,,,,,,,finally finally i know how read the BIG EYE BOY 🙂 Two weeks i learn that and finally here i understand 🙂 Peace.

  3. My Rating to this video
    According to me
    No such YouTube video is available
    Where Baccarat score board was properly explained like your channel did.
    Thank You Sir 😃🏆

  4. Best explanation so far I have ever seen. I am Chinese and i search and study those roads especially Small and Cockroach's Roads from other Chinese websites none of them like this clear and in-depth!!! Thank you so much Michael!!! Love you and God bless you!!!

  5. Very good thoughtful opinions here. My opinion? Casinos are in business to make money. Why would they put something out there to give a player an edge? It’s a 50/50 game mostly. Find a decent strategy that mostly works for you and use it.

  6. Waste of time! Baccarat is unbeatable due to its unpredictability! The inventor, an Italian, he committed suicide in the 1500s because he was so frustrated having not able to find an antidote to break his own invention! He had tried to device a winning formula but failed & he hanged himself! Casinos are cheating Houses 🏠 where evil spirits dwell! Stop gambling & save your family from disasters! TQ

  7. So many times I have checked this video….
    Thank God atleast I understood
    Only he knows how it feels after being learnt about how to read score board
    Thank You Sir
    Thanks a lot

  8. Thank you for the explanation. In my experience, studying these charts is just for your knowledge and I predict what next and make money only by analyzing the BEAD PLATE without seeing other sections you mentioned above, even the dealer or cards or values. I need only the BEAD PLATE to win. But, I must wait until a column and the first row of the second column is completed and avoid playing if tie comes. That's it and all done for the day. 👍👍✌✌

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  10. Thanks Michael– very helpful video breaking down the examples and you know how to read how chaos and predictability are plotted very easily by the end of your explanation, which was surprising because listening sounded like you were careful of every word of your explanation, so at first I wondered if it was going to be hard to follow. It wasn't, and i second the algebra teacher comment, I think repeated examples are very lovely especially on the first watch.

  11. sorry to double comment ,but to note:
    33:22 — when he says , "blue" he's pointing at the red(got me hella confused) but means Red should've said red

    a little before that, only because i took film studies, i laughed at the gone with the wind comment

    just for anyone who reads the comments before watching

  12. hi, i have 2 accounts one by 0.40 cents and 2nd by 1.00 usd, of same casino, let me know the best strategy to win every time i play on same table of baccarat, the difference between the 2 ids is 0.60 cents, so i want that if i lose a bet it should of 0.40 cents and i must win in 1.00 usd id on the same table and same game, can u pls advise, thanks

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