Here on this video, as opposite to the previous one, I will bet only on the player with a 2$ bet unit, and increase the bet x2 if it did not win. It is like the bets doubling strategy known as the martingale on roulette, but here on baccarat I hope not to get a long serie of losing cards draw. Cards are drawed on a totaly random way, but it seems to be rare to see a serie of 8 or 10 consecutive lost cards hands. Thought this is happening sometimes, it remain rare.
I will play the first cards hand with 2$ initial bet, and then increasing to 4 dollars if no winnings occur, and then 8, 16 and so on until winning. The system seems easy to win, but the main goal is to not get a long serie of losing cards hand, otherwise the losses could be quiet high.


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