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In this video, Professional Baccarat Player Christopher Mitchell gives you a Baccarat Winning Strategy that will help you make $500 or more every single day.

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  1. Makes logical sense. I like it. Lost so many times because of staying after I was up, want to kick myself later. Looks like I have to get back online, takes $25 in gas just to make it to the Casino here 😓

  2. Hello Chris, thank you for your words…you have a big heart …you are a great person…i want to be like you…but i need 1 good strategi for baccara ..and i need 1 casino with baccara… in my village there is no casino….maybe online …but which casino?

  3. You are great with a simple strategy that will 100% to change all people life Greedy alway the killer ,enlighten me 100% and will start with it from today and get back to you one month time

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