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Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is a peculiar game to say the least. It’s the one of the easiest games to learn, one of the trickier games to understand and yet it takes absolutely no skill whatsoever to play. This also makes it one of the most exciting games to play because there really isn’t much you can do, besides the odd trick or two, to drastically alter the outcome of the games. This is also happens to be why Online Baccarat is such a popular game, you don’t need to know how to play, you don’t need to strategize, you don’t even need to tell the dealer when to hit or stick, you merely need to sit back, drink in hand and place the bets.

The Strategies

To be honest, the strategies mentioned in the video aren’t really strategies as much as they’re simple tips, tricks and techniques that can give you the slightest of edges over the casino. That being said, you should know that the strategies are in no way infallible and will definitely not work the same way, every time. At the end of the day, there is just too much that relies on pure dumb luck, which is why the game is so enjoyable to play and so exciting to behold, you just never know what’s going to happen. If, however, you do want to try your luck and increase the odds, there are a few things you can do, all of which can be found below. They are simple betting strategies and have absolutely nothing to do with card counting and other such methods.

1. Never bet on a tie — The house odds for a tie are simply too high for any reasonable return to be expected.
2. Read the board — Casinos will provide players with a board that will show them the last win. You can use this to format a pattern, using your instincts, to see if the dealer or the player is winning more often. You can then use this to decide which bet to place.
3. Following the shoe — This is a popular trick for players and it involves following the last hand. If the dealer wins, the next bet will be on him to win and if the player wins, the next bet will be on him to win. This method should never be applied to a tie as the odds of another coming up straight after are simply too high.
4. Play the chop — This strategy involves betting against the last result, if it’s a win for the dealer, you can bet on the player winning the next hand.
5. Betting the trend — This involves systematically changing bets a number of time. You can bet on the player to win three times in a row, before switching to the dealer, regardless of the outcome.
6. Always bet on the dealer — If you want to use the one sure fire strategy that has the best odds, you will always bet on the dealer to win. The house edge is slightly bigger for the dealer which means it’s more likely to come up.

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  1. This info was kinda useless. The main strategy mentioned here is to "always bet on banker" which is not very smart to do because if a streak of 14 players appears, you've just lost 14 times in a row!

  2. these strategies u watch, u hear are useless. if u really wanna make money on baccarat? start questioning urself. can u stop when u're losing? can u stop after 10-20 hand but u just make a tiny profit? if u can, u have high chance of winning. thats all.

  3. it's a very bad idea betting every round in baccarat!!! you will definitely lose! only bet when the outcome is fairly predictable i.e if it's always alternating player/banker.this game can be your best freind or your worst enemy.

  4. I play baccarat by flipping a coin. Start off with a new shoe, flip a coin, and see what matches the coin result. I.E. if banker wins, and you flip heads, then heads=banker, tails=player. If you win 3 in a row, pump up your bet. If you lose 3 in a row, get up and leave. I've won thousands playing like this, and have had the table betting with me when I was the only person winning despite what the board says. So far I've had a 60% win or break even rate on my sessions which is a huge edge. A lot higher than the 50% which is expected by flipping a coin.

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  8. HI
    I bet Bank or Player depending of the board, a tied i do bet often if the board has 2 blue 2 red then you have a chance of tied. the side bet are in sequence Dragon or Panda. You need to be patience a shoe has over 70 Hands.

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