This is a try I am doing on baccarat. The principle is simple, I will bet only on the banker with a 2 dollars bet unit, and increase the bet times 2 if it did not win. It is like the bets doubling or martingale on roulette, but here on baccarat I hope not to get a serie of losing cards draw.
Cards are drawed on a totaly random way, but it seems to be rare to see a serie of 8 or ten consecutive lost hands. Thought this is happening sometimes, it remain a rare case.
So I will try my luck on this way. Some baccarat player says that it is better to play on the player than the banker, and it may be right sometimes.
But on this game, I will bet only on the banker. I may do the same try by betting on the player on a future video, but at this time, I rely on the banker.



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  2. The problem with the strategy is even though it will work most of the time. Let's say you win $40 9 times that's $360. All you need is one loss of it going one side 8 times and you would lost $256 + $128 + $64 + $32 + $16 + $8 + $4 + $2 $= $510 next bet would be $512 but table Max here is $300 because casino's know about doubling and therefore know it's less likely for it to go 10 or more times but even at 8 times you wiped out all 9 previous wins and lost and additional almost $200 so be careful and set a stop loss

  3. Sharing my technique. One of my betting strategy is to bet 3times only and look for "trending" five consecutive banker or player and bet $50, if failed, look another table with 5 consecutive again and bet $100, if failed again look another table with five consecutive and bet $200 for the last time, win or lose for the third time is time to go home. When I come back for another day I have to look another trending like jumping or 2×2 and bet again 3times with different table. So basically may capital is $350 and I need only $50 to go home everytime. I'm from Philippines pardon my english.
    P.S. I Observe other player on the table before i bet. I still believe on lucky day. So I don't bet opposite of the lucky player. Goodluck to us

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