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Testing out the 2nd BANKER Strategy using real cards. This is how it works:

1. Look for a PLAYER streak of 2 or more to occur.
2. Wait until the PLAYER streak is broken by the first BANKER.
3. Keep betting BANKER until 2nd BANKER hits.

Optional: Setting a stop-loss is recommended. In this video, I set it at 5 losses in a row. Also, use any betting sequence of your choice. I used the +1/-1.

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  1. Thanks for trying these systems with real cards. I’m not a big fan of the rng’s. I played my system and was able collect 13 units on this shoe.

  2. Try this strategy.. ive heard and played it occasionally for a while. dis is how it works. pay attention on the winning hand of the previous hand. Beit whichever side won check how many ''cards'' did they win with. if the winning hand wins with 2 cards without a draw..= the next hand bet on player. BUT if any side won with a 3 card you bet on banker the next hand. you get it?? if player first 2 card is J , 3 banker is K,5.. player pulls a picture card meaning banker win with 4 to player 3. but banker won with just 2 card the next hand bet on banker. lets say its the same hand
    player J3 – banker K5 say player pull 4 player become 7 and banker pull 4 banker BECOME 8 AND is going to win but with 3 cards that SIGNIFY BETTING ON BANKER THE NEXT HAND. ONLY FOCUS ON WINNING HAND IF WINNING HAND WIN WITH 2 CARD BET PLAYER //IF WINNING HAND WIN WITH3 CARD BET BANKER. its pretty good. but not better than any other pattern grabbers strategy. the first time played won 6k online lol

  3. I have won 26 rounds and lose 14 rounds over 61 rounds. 65% winning percentage out of 40 bets. I called my strategy a "statistic pattern". Most of the time, when I'm using this strat I'm winning money from $40 as my starting money to $240 a day. Once I have reached $200, then I'm good and go straight home lol

  4. Can we switch on players side instead bet on banker because of the dragon, no pay. Nowadays most baccarat are no collections because of the side bet of dragon.

  5. Everytime when Tie Comes the next hand is changed for example if player won the current bet & if tie comes in next bet, then after tie next hand will be Banker…

  6. GOOD!! info. Im new to baccarat and your details were EXCELLENT!! while watching your video I paused & logged into my live account. WON which is the most positive thing and was ahead from where my balance started. THATS all that matters. WAS AHEAD!! I will watch more of your videos. You are a GREAT TEACHER!! God bless.

  7. Players who doubles down only when losing will always be losers if u really want to win double down when u win ur hand and keep the bet to minimum when u lose

  8. There is never a rule of winning in baccarat but if u look closely and read the outcomes u win like in this video if u can bet in player as banker comes u win and to all the players a game is to be played either 1st half or only 2nd half if u keep on playing all the sho u definitely gona lose write it down

  9. Set ur limit of winning b4 u play and always set ur limit in losing aswell overall at last we need to win..
    Dont see the game see the end of the game

  10. Say you lose your first 5 hands, meaning at 10 a pop you lose 50. So when you wait for the next run of second banker do you start with a 60 bucks bet or start from scratch with a 10 bucks bet.

  11. I modified a bit: waiting for player streak, then for the banker. After banker hit, i bet for the banker. If i lose i start again the process. Use this strategy with del ambert. +1 on loss -1 on win

  12. Play the winner n you would have made a killing. But this 2nd banjer works. Just takes fooooorever. Especially when there is a high roller at the table taking 5 minutes a bet. Like come on dude I know your maxing out each hand but jeeze let me get my puny $100 profit and be out. Lol

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