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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is
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  1. Nice little system, thanks for sharing . I will play this but only have one bet after four opposite or the same occur and if the bet loses I will wait for another four to come out and parlay that bet.
    Thanks for showing an another interesting way of betting. 🕵️

  2. Here is something I have been trying and 100% so far……… I am playing online with a casino that has 12 live tables, and all I am doing is starting off at the first table and going through them one by one till I come to the last one. So all I do is look at the last bead road and bet the opposite, like the mirror system, on the next available bet, until I get a win then move on. So by the end of my session I "SHOULD" be 12 units up. So as soon as I bring up the table I bet. If there is a tie I just go across one more road….. As someone once said …… "As clear as mud" Have a good Sunday everyone, Stay Safe…..

  3. Great system, I have been playing it on line(original no mirror) with some good results, however I'm not a fan of "6 Marty", maybe in the future, you would show us different betting systems. Good Job as Always.

  4. Love your videos Wilson but I think we have come across in a very similar way previously. Isn't Debs mirror system very similar where she waits for 5 to 6 hands before playing.
    Thought I'll also let you know that I have been burnt on the mirror system several times and the longest streak I've seen where they have been the same is 14.
    Do you think you will ever show us you playing on a live table ?

  5. Can I trade ya a system for the simulator, please? ( KRLY@ROADRUNNER.COM System: It's a 9 (yikes) step marty…but broken into thirds. I call it my 3X3 method. 1)Wait for 3 in a row (let's say bankers). 2)Bet player 3 times (marty). If win, go to step 1. If lose go to step 1 but resume marty where you left off. does this for a series of 3-3step martys if necessary. BBB=P1,P2,P4, lose ….wait for 3 (of either P or B0) PPP= B8, B16,B32, lose…wait for 3 and bet opposite again…BBB=P64, P128, P256. Ive only done this about 20x's but have never had to go beyond the 64 bet………………………YET!!!! Don't do this for more than 4-5 wins…IMHO

  6. Eureka Yeee Haaa ..
    I will now have to go over my 100 games saved on Baccarat to test it out..
    Thanks for sharing this Wilson..
    You have a wonderful week my friend..
    Cheers Famo59 👍🤓🍺🍺

  7. Hey Wilson, I hate to talk about other youtubers but have you heard of anyone having success with with Christopher Mitchell’s system? He’s only asking $500 for it now but I have a bad feeling it’s no better odds than the free ones you talk about.

  8. There is no so call strategy.The only ways can win in everything on game, career, study, work, gambling bla bla, it is
    mentality control and your own system. Lastly must believe in Jesus he peace in your life.

  9. Thanks so much for your new and refreshing take on an old game, from a cool old dood, I am an ex croupier and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my pockets 💓,
    If you are ever in Edinburgh you have the use of my modest flat.
    Genuine cool old dood,
    I am greedily going through your visa & enjoy ever one.thanks.
    Were are you based?

  10. I don't like having to wait for four in a row. I look for two BUT there are rules: I look for a pattern of two and then look for one opposite before betting. I use columns of 8, and each column is evaluated independently. For example:

    A B C D
    1. X O O X
    2. X X X O
    3. O X X X
    4. X O O X
    5. O O O O
    6. O O O X
    7. X O X X
    8. X X O X

    B 3 and B 4 are two non matches. Now I wait for a match, which happens at B 5. I bet for the outcome for
    B 6, which wins. After winning B 6, I ignore B 7 and B 8, start all over in C.
    C 1 and C 2 are two matches. Now I wait for a non match. C 3, C 4, C 5, C 6 are all matches, and I just wait. I get a non match at C 7, and bet for C 8, which wins.
    D 1 and D 2, two non matches. D 3 is a match, and bet for D 4 and lose. Bet again for a match for outcome
    D 5 and win.

    Edit: I'm not saying this is any better than any other and open to feedback.

  11. Nice video as always Wilson. Can you try your BBPBBP strategy but using the Bead Road and jump in a shoe and start betting for a match (with 6x marty) . It's a new strategy I am trying. I would like to know your opinion about it. Thanks.

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