1. Hey great strategy combo. I follow the guy that does the 3-1 underdog. He does do well most of the time. But I did notice u weren't playing the underdog a few rounds, but for the most part u gave a pretty good illustration of these strong stradegies when combined😎

  2. He takes the underdog of the last three decisions (ignoring ties). If one side dominates and is on a winning streak, you lose a ton of money…definitely not an approach to baccarat for me.

  3. Hey bud,

    Love your videos , watched all of them , following you and love your ways of thinking .
    Just about this strategy….when I was watching his video's I was thinking it would be good to try it with YOUR money management…that was yesterday, and look what you just did lol
    Just a note…he is looking for underdog in last 3 outcomes , not in total numer of B and P in the shoe. So you have to look at last 3 outcomes only 🙂
    Also wanted to say about Chi Chop Chi Trand….I tried and it did work ….instead of switching after 4 run try after 5…I know is one loss more and one jump on the trand later , but fives are much rarer than fours. And three's where terrible option because they are happening a lot more . Just sharing idea's because I want to see you sucseed…if you do I will too as many other people 🙂
    Keep it on , many of us enjoy it 🙂

  4. BronsonFx plays last 3 underdog and if there is a 4 pattern he sits out waits for it to break so PPB,PBP,BPP and PPP bet bank. Opposite patterns bet player

  5. for this system you lose more than you win so he take x2-x4-x8 when he lose
    if win he go back 1
    if lose he left the shoe 😂
    it 15 loss for 5 win
    quite dangerous
    if you really have big bank roll better play chi 1 chi 2 , if more secure but also must have stop lose at some terrible shoe
    let set if 500 lose for 5 win
    and it chances 1% of lossing all 500 unit
    it still even thought 😂😂😂

  6. Brunson FX system is a FAIL with the third part of the system. It works well for the underdog and 3-1 but the 3 step Marty kill you quick and you can't make up for it. 1 4 or more in a row is -15 units and you have to make it up before you hit another one. If you can find a better MM then you might be able to make it a winning tchnique.

  7. I would post more comments but he says in his last video that he deletes negative comments so you will NEVER see the real comments about his system. Like I said… Its not the systems its the Marty that makes it a loser. Thanks Bac Chi for trying these out.

  8. I know you don’t delete comments cause your an honest guy and really love the videos. I like. Brunson also very much but he flat out tells you that this is the last and best system ever then next day or week it’s no good and need a new system. I like you cause you adapt to new stuff and give it a try and if not you tweak it with comments and your brain. Keep up the great work.

  9. Well done on educating your viewer's sensibly. I respect this. Brunson FX was telling people they could quit there jobs and making a living from gambling. He is looking for the holy grail which doesn't exist. You rightly recognise that all systems eventually fail, no matter how you bet or how big the bankroll is. You rightly recognise the house edge over the long run is mathematically impossible to overcome. Enjoyed the video, all the best 👍

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