1. i wonder why that one woman bent the cards a lot? was that a game rule or was it just her style? if it's her style i wonder if they need to replace the cards after her every time haha

  2. This seems like an absolutely amazing job once you're good at it – you just sit there and deal cards BUT you don't have to deal with any drunk gamblers face to face. I know it actually takes skill to deal cards with the smoothness the ladies in these videos have, and of course knowing the game rules, but it seems like once you're good at that… just a great job? I wonder what they get paid.

  3. Why does everyone assume these women are being held against their will? Its a job that is VERY repetitive and boring, ofc they look miserable? Most people look miserable at their jobs😭

  4. I'm in love with the one with glasses that starts at 43:33 . I know she says her name is Ellen, but I can't find anymore of her, if someone knows of more videos please let me know.

  5. Not seeing the chat messages makes these women sound insane – "I don't like chocolate" she said suddenly, with no apparent prompting from anyone (because we can't see the chat she's responding to)

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