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To show practical betting examples, I have no choice but to use the online casino.

In the offline casino, it takes several times more time to implement this step. However, I strongly recommend not skipping it.

It’s like soaking your feet first carefully whenever being in hot water.

You can decide your own time to move on to the main round while implementing this step.

Of course, if you spot the most profitable Shoe before then, you may as well move on to the next step naturally.

And practicing a warm-up game is one of the best training methods.

It’s because we should apply as many skills as possible for a short time.

You, especially my members and disciples, might see that I have applied a considerable amount of skills in the following example.



  1. Awesome work MBG, tables 4 and 10 were great, table 10 I definitely would have placed the same first bet, and I believe you were pointing to the tie on table 5, thank you for your teachings, I only have 3 tables to play at the online casino I'm using now but with a soft progression I'm doing awesome, last weekend I went and did the invisible player and won 7 out of 10 table hoping and I was happy with my results, I'm going to test this at least 2 more times before I use real money, I listen to what you say and I greatly appreciated you 🙏

  2. So glad to be part of your teachings you really are the Master always thought baccarat was a 50/50 but when you learn exactly how to read the roads you can really predict the next hand it really takes my game to another dimension !! THANKS 🙏🏽 😊

  3. For those watching this video and are not a student of MBG…
    It seems impossible to win like this. This is because you do not understand what is really happening.
    While I am not at the level of MBG, I can say that I have spent a lot of time studying what he teaches. I am telling everyone, it is possible.
    Do yourself a favor and email him.

    I am not the only person who is happy they did.

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