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Mirror system and Debbie’s system video
Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system
My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is



  1. you have to bet, otherwise your video will be sucks…
    try only one time play in real and you will see the difference, you might hit 1000 subscriber…

  2. tbh after testing out the online casino, I strongly feel its just a program, aka living dealer program. You will be able to see a lot of these programs being sold in some parts of Asia, some are bad, some are good, some can even respond to chat. The reason why I think it's a program and not real live dealers is because A LOT of online casinos use the same format, the same girls, the same background, the same layout, just different currency. Whether they are cheating or not, I don't know, but it's definitely not real live dealers. I like real casinos more, I'm just gonna wait for them to open in my area

  3. The book you recommended me helped me a lot, thank you amigo. I'm still going through all the data, I did a few hundred shoes of simulation, and I think I can get it done before the casino opens here, I'm pretty excited about the first half, because it was within my expectations. If this all works out, I can safely flat bet and not have to worry about burning my martys.

  4. Hey! Amigos I really like this way of playing and betting and if you were betting in $5 :00 units you would only require $1180 dollars to cover all seven bets in a worse case scenario that you lose. I was wondering what are your thoughts on playing this system after finding 3 losing bets -eg: P P B and then betting your first bet .

  5. Hi Amigo, you seem to like using a Martingale system… have you checked out Vegas Grind Money Management System? I just started using it so I'm not sure if it can work with your patterns but I will try and get back to you

  6. Hey Mr Amigo, I would like you to video yourself live for us, that is show us logging into the casino site and start playing live, let's see if your system can't lose cause I've played several times and i seem to lose and when i check live games in play there always seem to be a series of PPBPPB…….So how about I give you my cash and you play for me and I'll give you 25% off the winnings, how does that sound.

  7. Thanks Amigo! I think you mentioned you were playing around with Christopher Mitchell's system. We love to analyze and test, and would appreciate you taking us through a test of Mitchell's system. Thanks

  8. Wow, look at table #5, 3rd row of 6, they exactly mirror the 2nd row, so if you were playing opposite on those 6 bets you would have lost 64 units. I know this is off topic BBP but you have mentioned this betting angle in other videos.

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