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  3. I'ts rupiah the meaning just under 10$

    I'm a professional gambler, and wasting along 8years also put my money into built they casino over 30.000$

    Oh lucky the casino, not me..

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  8. If you target teaching something, you got to learn HOW to communicate to your target viewer. I play baccarat but I could not understand what are you saying, let alone follow what your message is… keep practicing…

  9. hello sir, how are you? i have an equation with me, i have got 2 accounts of same casino, 1 acnt is with 40 paise and other acnt is with 100 paise, sounds crazy but its right, what i want is i should loose in the id for which i hv to pay only .40 paise and i must win in the id which shld pay me 100 paise, i can join the same table from 2 laptops, this way i will get a difference of .60 paise for every winning hand, how it sounds? and in my country in online casino, there is no commission charged in baccarat, you get only half money when the bankers win by 6, can u pls tell me the best strategy to win 100% whenever i join the table. i feel there is a chance of 100% when i join the table, can u pls use ur great brain and experience to answer, thanks a lot in advance, my email id is pankajgombar@gmail.com thanks once again.

  10. hi, i have 2 accounts one by 0.40 cents and 2nd by 1.00 usd, of same casino, let me know the best strategy to win every time i play on same table of baccarat, the difference between the 2 ids is 0.60 cents, so i want that if i lose a bet it should of 0.40 cents and i must win in 1.00 usd id on the same table and same game, can u pls advise, thanks

  11. Hi bro plz tell me how to control my self wen I playing
    I have betting system I can win after I cannot control and I lose every ting

  12. Im from Holland I had amazing sessions with this guy. First he explained to me how he works then we started playing together through videocall. In the long run a gambler will eventually lose. The odds of the casino are always in their favour. Thanks to his mathematical mastermind but also almost as important very patient and relaxed approach. I made a good fortune lol. If your sick of losing message this guy. It feels so good to finally win!!! Really thanks bro! I owe you alot!

  13. Ok guess u can play too good and win am gona invest 100000$ to u just win 2000$ a day I will.give u 50% of my winning but there should never be losing if u lose u have to return my 100000$ bankroll ….fair enough

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