1. I think the U3D4 MM is really good. I would rather see you play it for $1 units with $5 as your base bet like you did in real money play today. I think if you used $5 units for everything like you did in practice play then your bets will get up into the Danger zone far too quickly. No need to play that risky. More fun & enjoyment can be had at the lower levels. Why risk a SIZABLE bankroll? I know you don't NEED extra money. If you want to win a little more then just play longer at the lower level.

    Back in the day I used to play for much higher stakes than I do now even though my Bac Bankroll was much smaller back then than it is now. Back then I NEEDED the extra money to help with the bills of a family of five. Playing at those higher stakes did get me the extra money I needed along with some fabulous comps but it was VERY stressful. I have much more fun now playing at lower levels cuz I no longer NEED the extra money.

  2. The National Basketball 🏀 Association had a zen master for MANY years named Phil Jackson. He coached Chicago to 6 Championships in 8 years. Then he gave the Lakers 5 Titles TTL after that.
    Baccarat has a zen master of their own. He is also the D'Alembert World Heavyweight Champion.
    Ladies 🚺 and Gentlemen 👨 I give you
    ( Baccarat Zen Master and D'Alembert World Champion Gambling Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ) !!!
    Who today made the 3up 4down system look so easy! Where are them babies I want some CANDY? 🍬🤣🤣 so take it from them!
    But the man with the clipboard 📋 has ONE more video to watch later and he catch it soon as possible.
    Good one today Chi.😎

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