Bangkok is building some mega construction projects at the moment around the Central Lumpini Park. The biggest one is the One Bangkok, which includes the 437 meters high Signature One Tower.

In the Dusit Central Park project you will have the Dusit Residences Tower with 299 meters and the Hotel and Office buildings with both 199 meters.

The Baccarat Hotel and Residences will be 305 meters high.

This ride on a google Map :

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro
00:18 Baccarat Hotel and Residences
01:37 Lumpini Park
01:58 Dusit Central Park
03:39 Rama 4 Road
05:50 One Bangkok
07:34 Australian Embassy
08:03 Alliance Francais
09:14 The Prelude One Bangkok
09:47 One Bangkok Project
13:43 Quick Peek at One Bangkok
14:00 Outro

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  1. As the LC engineer on the Bangkok integrated road and rail project in the late 1980's, on both MRT and BTS projects from 1988 and several major building projects on Sukhumvit during the 1990's BTS and MRT are the only finished projects the others all abandoned through a lack of funding. Looking for foreign investment is pie in the sky as certainly the Thai do have those sorts of funds so don't hold your breath. .

  2. That s really interesting! I am an Architect with focus on engineering … do you think there s a lot of opportunity right now? I would be glad if you could give some advice. Thanks a lot. Chris

  3. re 11:29: you have never made a boring video mate. I kind of liked the Bangkok One site when it was a night market but i think that only lasted a couple of years. Amazing to see that city growing from what it was in the 90s.

  4. Another 2 greenery park projects around way to old town and between Rama4-Asoke are being constructed too. Not sure we can call mega projects or not but they are large. Grand station finish soon and also sky train line expansion to Bangkok suburb . I saw the construction around palace and museum renovation too. I’m pretty sure that there will be many things new for tourist. I’m as Thai, I am very excited and thrilled to see when they finish. Bangkok will be much changed in next 2 years
    I really want to see all the messy cables under the ground very soon… pleasee.. gov. it will make bangkok much more beautiful. 🙂

  5. Boring? Not by a long shot! What a nice reminder that, quiet as it's kept, Bangkok is a bike-able city. I used to ride all around when I lived there twenty years ago, and looking forward to biking around Gangkok when I return after this 'current interruption'. I refuse to call it a 'new normal!'

  6. is One Bangkok going to be accessible by public transport? Looks like they will be cannibalizing the views from each other. Buy a place in the first building and then have it taken away by the one they build right next to it. How many years until Bangkok is under water?

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