The baccarat pairs bet is the most common side bet in baccarat internationally. The wager is that the first two cards dealt to the Player hand are a pair (the same rank). There is also a “Banker Pair” wager. Winning pairs bets pay 11-to-1.

What is not as commonly known is just how vulnerable this side bet is to advantage play and cheating. The cheating part is using a piece of software in a casino to tell exactly when the player has the edge over the house. The advantage play part is learning a customized card counting system I call “Targets and Weights” to find situations when the player gets the edge.

In this video I present a simple spreadsheet that allows the player or casino surveillance technician to track the house edge on the pairs bet in real time. You can download it here:

I also show where you can learn more about the Target and Weights card counting system. Just go to this article:

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