Before you buy Baccarat Rouge 540, try this dupe (clone) Ambery Saffron (Dossier Perfumes).
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Mass Appealing Fragrances
Dylan Blue-
Bleu De Chanel-


BLEU de Chanel-
Acqua Essenziale Blue-
Acqu Di Gio Profondo-
Jimmy Choo Blue Man-
Polo Deep Blue-
Blvgari Blu-
Yves St Laurent Lhomme Le Parfum-
Dunhill Desire Blue-
Versace Dylan Blue-
Coach Blue-

 Conversation Starters:
Greenwich Village-
Chanel Allure Homme Sport EAU Extreme-
Dior Homme Intense-
Silver Mountain Water-

10 Sexy Fragrances
Straight to Heaven Extreme-
BarAonda –
Dolce & Gabbana The One EDP Intense-
Guerlain Ideal-Edp-
Givenchy Gentleman EDP-
Hacivat –
La Nuit De L’Homme –
Oud Satin Mood-
Portrait of a lady-

3 of my Favorite Fragrances:

Baccarat Rogue 540-
Oud Wood-
Original Santal-

Some of my Favorite Creeds:
Green Irish Tweed:
Original Santal:
Royal Oud:
Virgin Island Water:
Bois Du Portugal:
Spice N Woods:

Lakey Inspired:U


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  1. I bought 5 of Dossiers fragrances and sampled them side by side with the originals. None of them were exact. The Aventus and Bleu were super off. Is what it is. I had other people smell them side by side and they said the same.

  2. The other day I’m in the store & walk past a woman she smells great. I tell her and never break stride (I keep it moving) I see her 5min later on my way out and start talking to her about “BTFG”, the channel, quality content, etc.. When she realized I was not trying to flirt with her but really just trying give her some quality information, her face changed 😕. She got a little disappointing—- cause a brother was “looking good & smelling great” that day!!!!!

  3. Crazy sharp linen suit. Can't go wrong with linen in the summer. Classy. Just Ordered the Dossier Ambery Saffron based on your recommendation..I know I am in safe hands

  4. I purchased five Dossier's last year. My impression, other than the horrible customer service, is the fragrances do give one an idea of what they are trying to clone. None of the fragrances would last longer than an hour, much less the whole day. I would rather pay way less for a sample of a real fragrance and then decide from the real fragrance whether or not to buy it.

  5. Totally not related to this video and hope im not the only one who would love a top 5 or 10 fragrances for a night at the club or lounge ( a really packed one)

  6. Hey Bowtie, do you think you could get your hands on some Albane Noble fragrances? I can't find any reviews of them online, especially their Oud 45° for men.

  7. Man every fragrance he recommended is been wonderful and oh boy that olagard i know im spelling it wrong but its uh straight panty dropper 🙂🙂

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