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  1. I had no clue this smelled like Arianna Grande Cloud. I’ve owned that perfume for a year and do not favor it. I’ve never smelled Baract, but some of my favorite youtubers rave about it.

  2. I discovered something interesting recently.
    If I layer Creed Green Irish Tweed and Nishane Hacivat, I get a scent profile that is real close to BR 540.

    Jeremy, you know a lot about fragrances but I wonder if you ever tried layering GIT and Hacivat.

  3. Your points are on point! You’re so right! I have recently doscovered niche perfumes but I didn’t want to buy the popular ones like this MFK BR540, or Diptyque Phylosikos, or Santal 33… because I do not want to smell like everyone else… Instead I search for the ones least talked about but still amazing and beautiful.

  4. I bought my first sample from alt and I just bought the real deal. man somebody said this shit changes your life and he ain’t never lied lol my fav perfumes are D&G light blue mademoiselle by coco Chanel and now BKR540 Shit fire!

  5. I just bought the extrait after a while of testing both it and the edp. There is a difference to me in the smell and I don't have to wear as much of the extrait to make it pop. It just smells nicer and richer. Never had any compliments on my perfumes before this 😀 As for the price…I deserve it 🙂

  6. Ich habe mir das cloud bestellt , weil ich dachte komm für die paar Euro kannst du nichts falsch machen ^^ was soll ich sagen , ich finde es richt überhaupt nicht nach BR540 .. noch nichtmal annähend. Es ist jetzt in die Tonne gewandert & ich habe mir das originale bestellt 💛💛💛 ein Versuch war es wert 😅

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