Baccarat card counting system = consistent strategy at the tables … Use an ongoing counting system: face cards, tens and nines all equal zero … aces, ones, twos and threes all +1 to the count … fours +2 to the count … fives, sevens, and eights -1 to the count … sixes -2 to the count … the higher the count, the more likely that the player side will win … the “true count” is the ongoing count divided by the number of decks left in a shoe, so the further into the shoe, the stronger the count because you would divide the ongoing count by a smaller number, so the count is technically stronger



  1. i am pretty sure those newer bac shufflemasters can prearrange the 8 deck shoe to deal out the cards how ever the casinos want. thats their business and they can do whatever they want. but you still have to place the bet on either Banker/Player completely of your choice. (ignoring the sucker side bets like tie, dragon, panda etc…) it really dont matter if the casino pre-arranged the deck or not. you place your bet on what you think will hit next, the casino can not control that aspect. it may streak 10 times, go choppy, doubles, triples, never go down past 2 or 3 etc… whatever pattern you see. here are my tips after playing this game for 15 years…
    -bring throw away money/bankroll (if you lost it all it wont hurt you the slightest)
    -if your ahead, even by 1 or 2, QUIT if you see that you are not going any higher, always tomorrow
    -bring large bankroll (my philosophy is easier to win 100 if ur BR is 5000 then bring 100 and try to win 5000)
    -complete utter super incredible SELF CONTROL AND PATIENCE
    -systems people sell are whack…. go with the flow. choppy, play chop. streaking, play streak, doubling, play double. etc….
    -you dont have to play every hand, I repeat.. you dont have to play every hand.
    -play commission free bac if your casino offers it with out any strings (push on 6 etc…)
    -flat bet min if your losing or on losing streak never "all in" (better yet leave, always tomorrow)
    -progressive bet if you are winning, now is the time to push your bets (if you ever want to "all in" now is a better time then when you just lost 3 bets in a row)
    -quit when you are ahead
    -did i mention quit while you are ahead yet?
    -i am just gonna say it again… quit when you are ahead

  2. How did you come up with the value for each card? When the running count is negative, your system says to bet on banker which is the opposite of what the Wizard of Odds website says. Can you elaborate on it?

  3. I investigated this. But what I found is that there IS no counting method for the main bet in baccarat that works. The only thing you can do is get a small advantage in the dragon7 and a smaller one in the panda8 side bets in EZ baccarat. Emphasis on small. Completely wasting your time. You'd do better just to play blackjack. But I'll tell you the method anyway, just out of interest:

    Here are the counting vectors to use:
    Dragon7 (count #1): 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 2 2 0 (counting coefficients for A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) Panda8 (count #2): 0 0 -1 0 -1 0 0 0 2 0

    You would take a 2-D count, i.e. keep track of BOTH these counts (this shouldn't be hard, since the game is played SLOWLY and most of the players are given worksheets to write on for superstitious reasons so you could actually figure this out on paper! Now THAT'S something you can't do in blackjack!) and you would take the dragon7 bet when truecount1>3.8+.04*truecount2 and you would take the panda8 bet when truecount2>5.1+.09*truecount1. And if you figure out the standard deviations of these counts, you're going to find….. you're not going to be taking either bet very often. Your most likely outcome is standing there all day and never betting anything!

  4. If the count is positive we should bet on player, then if the count is like negative 8, is it safe to say that we should bet on banker instead, or not bet at all ?

  5. There is no counting system or strategy system for this game, Its just "feel" and guess work. BEST IS STAND AND WATCH after Banker or player has hit 4 times in a row then drop $100 on the side that has not come up., If you lose you double your next bet to $200 , then go $400 etc and hope it hits

  6. Can I give you idea bro don’t play this way u will lose ur money / if u want to see me the way I play come to river casino in Illinois u will learn a lot ask about me they will tell u Dav

  7. This is not EFFECTIVE…i tried it using microsoft excel (in computing for positive/negative) against the actual game online…64% ERROR… Errors are greater than the correct bets. NOT RECOMMENDED..THUMBS DOWN FOR THIS!

  8. +4/ 6 decks is very small advantage based on that, might not be high enough of a count to overcome a 1.23% HE .

    can u bet on both player and banker until the count is favorable to either side ?

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