Here are some alternatives to the wonderful Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (my review here:
1. 01:32
2. 03:14 (my review here:
3. 05:46
4. 08:36

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  1. Have you tried Lattafa's Ana Abiyedh Rouge? At that price point, it is the one that comes closest in my opinion. I've mentioned it in one of my videos. Good list, though. 😊

  2. I watch so many perfume reviews. You by far give the best descriptions. Your commentary changed my mind about this scent. The only thing I’ve ever heard about this perfume was it was very intoxicating and fill the room. You actually gave me an idea of what kind of smell it has lol

  3. I love, love Tinhare. I bought it from watching your unboxing video as well as this video. Will be getting a backup bottle. Thanks for the recommendation. I don't own BR540, so I don't know how it smells. But if it's anything like Tinhare, even better, then it's in my list.

  4. Ladies do yourselves a real favour&skip the edp buy the Extrait it's far superior ,it's smoother ,richer, far more inviting&definitely far better blended .it also has almond in it which the edp does not .I'm way too addicted to 540 (&oud satin mood &Amyris femme / Aqua vitea basically all MFK fragrances it's ridiculous but he has the best nose absolutely).

  5. I wanted to try br540 so bad so I got cloud because of this video and I didn’t like cloud at all. Still I was determined and finally got a sample of br540 and turns out I also don’t like that one at all! Don’t get the hype! But yes i agree cloud really does remind me of it!!

  6. Have you tried Forever Absolu by Riiffs? It too is another dupe for BR540…it’s pretty inexpensive, you should check it out and tell us what you think 😉

  7. Great review 🤗, ive tried instant crush and sensual instinct, to my nose they are different but thomas kosmala apres l'amour no 4 is exactly the same after the 1st 5 mins of dry down, no4 starts of a little citrus with bitter orange but then the magic sets in. Far more beast performing than bk540 and cheaper by the ml.
    Fm frédéric mahora has a clone 910 which is imo exactly the same but doesn't perform like no4.

  8. I LOOOOOVE Ariana Grande's CLOUD. Omg it's so beautiful, I bought it because I thought I would like it…but I loved it! Since I loved it so much I would love to try other dupes and the original Baccarat Rouge (I don't know how it smells…YET!)

  9. I tried many dupes for BR540 ! The BEST dupes I found was Oakcha brand "Sweven" & "Orphic" 🥰 You're welcome
    And yes I do own the real deal BR540 there's NO MISTAKE Oakcha have the BEST dupes

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