I’ve tried to make this video nice and relaxing, let me know if I succeeded. I’m comparing Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait with Rosa Salas 013 extrait.

Relaxing interlude is a Blackberry Bath bomb from Lush filmed in slow motion.

To find the extrait search for 013 and then drop down to find the 50ml extrait.

I was sent both samples by my fragrance friends Barry from Scentualise and Lizzie from Rose and Jones. Not sponsored.

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  1. Great video Claire and happy Caturday! 🐱 I totally agree with your view on clone houses and that’s why I don’t feel bad getting Tom Ford and Jo Malone clones (and I agree about certain houses having way too oily perfumes – yuck)

  2. Aw was lovely seeing sweetie 🙂 I actually have a big bottle of this one, and bloody hell it's strong and yup I can't smell much difference between them. I can honestly say it will last me my entire life 😜

  3. So appropriate for Caturday ☺️ Never tire of looking at Sweetie. I'm not that interested in clones but I've been planning to try out Rosa Salas. ❤

  4. Living for the slow mo Blackberry Bath bomb! Rose Salas is getting so much love, and rightly so. Vitor is a lovely guy, and clearly knows his stuff!
    Lovely relaxing video Claire, love seeing Sweetie, but also miss you face too ☺
    Thanks for the mention too QBxxx

  5. Lovely video Claire, thanks for the shout out, Rosa salas certainly do a fab job with this one as they do with the EDP too. Very good look at the differences between the two and like you say in the air people wouldn’t know the difference. My wife loves it.👍🏻🙏🏻

  6. AAWWWWW! Love Sweetie! I wish I could get this perfume in the States. Swiss Arabian has a perfume called Gharaam that smells exactly like Baccarat Rouge 540 to me. I have it on my wishlist.

  7. Watching Sweetie lowers my blood pressure! Lovely video and since this is the only Rosa Salas fragrance I've smelled I can agree with you that this is very close to the original. Shout out to the ducc. 😄

  8. I think that dupe houses make the competition good plus not everyone can afford or maybe not want to spend 300 on a fragrance. If there are dupe houses then people can get the scent cheaper and feel good also about their purchase cause they didn’t have to break the bank. Sweetie is so calm. I think she’s use to the camera. . Thanks for sharing.

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