1. Welcome back Mister Cheatoos 🤠, some say the King 👑 of Baccarat some say he's Colonel Gaddafi's illegitimate son & some say he's Zlatan Ibrahimovic's twin brother! True or false? TQ

  2. watching now! Ive been playing perfect blackjack at my local casino nearly every day- mixed results – It's 100$ minimum per hand at my casino Baccarat! i need to study your baccarat soon

  3. 😱 Cheetos !! You are a King now??
    My oh my did you grow up fast?
    First a Prince and NOW a King?
    The Crown 👑 Fits very nicely for you 😃
    Next, you went over alot in this video.
    Im going to have to see it again to get more meaning.
    Some of it was understood while other parts were blurry for me. I will handle that later on.
    I will indeed email 📧 you soon as possible to discuss what things are like now and your goals moving forward.
    And yes I appreciate your time to make this video and share your career and journey with us like ALL your other videos that I have seen. Looking forward to our chat via the emails. 😎

  4. Hey Cheetos, great video. I asked before and I know you're a busy guy, but would you be able to email me your triggers for this video or how you are playing in general. I would appreciate it!! Thanks c.resmer@yahoo.com

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