Hello everyone! thank you so much for watching my BEST DUPES FOR BACCARAT ROUGE 540 PERFUME / FRAGRANCE ! ( by maison Francis Kurkdjian )

I am wearing:

Top: Jacquemus
Eyes: James Charles morphe
Lips: sorry like 5 products don’t remember


baccarat rouge 540:https://amzn.to/2WdEY3C


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  1. I just bought the perfume today and guess what i think im very familiar with the scent .. Then when u spray the versace i wassss like OMG SO TRUEEEE . They have the same Vibe .. i used to had versace longggg time ago …

  2. I had the same reaction when I first smelled it. I now own a decant of it and when I wear it I get the airy notes you are talking about in the background but my skin chemistry makes it smell like spin sugar on my skin haha

  3. The best dupe for Baccarat rouge is Aristocrat from Ajmal. I don't like the idea of dupes and baccarat rouge is definitely more complex and refined. On the other hand I don't think I would spend $500 for the original anyway…

  4. Perfect description Baccarat 540 (most vlogger frag heads STRUGGLE to describe it) and after your comparison of Hermès L'Ambre des Merveilles and Baccarat Rough 540, I decided to compare the two and you are CORRECT! L'Ambre is a bit deeper than B540 and B540 is slightly sweeter than L'Ambre, but they definitely have similar DNA. I'm going to start layering them and see how they smell together. A great layer is also B540 and Burberry Her Intense. GORGEOUS!

  5. i think you are sensitive to ambergris
    it is a note fro baccarat rouge.
    your favorite house montale has a version of baccarat rouge it is called sensual instinct 😍
    love your style of review it’s very different and natural.
    love from 🇯🇵

  6. Strange is the right word. It is medicinal, like sweet bandaids and sweet tree bark. It’s so weird. Can’t believe people actually like this and pay this much for it.

  7. It smells like dentist’s office, gauze, medicine, dry herbs, bandaids, iodine. I tried to like BR 540 but just find it so headache inducing, unpleasant and heavy. I don’t get the craze about it. MFK has such better scents in his line. Tried it again yesterday, along with AG Cloud. Same vibe but a bit sweet. Would rather spend $$ on something else.

  8. I HAVE to try this, the different descriptions (salty water, burnt sugar, even latex, whut??) make me go crazy because I don't understand how people can smell something so different in it. I do really like Ombre des Merveilles though…

  9. Am I the only one who hates Ariana grande cloud😂 The opening and the coconut dry down gives a vibe I don’t want to be associated with.

  10. It smells strange to me too but at the same time I love it. It smells like a starry night in wonderland, like the sunrays of the Sun,like some glaciars covered in icecream,like the forest and forest fruits and the sea, I don't know, it smells like so many things; it gets your imagination going and you can't pinpoint something in particular but it does smell good and original, which is great. Baccarat Rouge 540 for the spring, summer and autumn and Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de parfum is amazing in winter because it's very strong and you can smell the notes so much better in the cold weather, I absolutely loved it, it's something else.❤️

  11. Oh my goodness! I knew 540 smelled like something I had worn before! I used to wear that Hermès fragrance all the time. You are right that they have the same vibe! Thank you for helping me figure it out!

  12. I prefer sweeter perfumes, but I’m not a fan of incredibly synthetic,cheap,headache inducing perfumes of the crowd pleasing variety. Even though it’s a celebrity perfume, I would really give Ariana Grande’s Cloud a try. On my skin, it lasts for about 6-7hours, on clothes it lasts overnight. It’s not too sickly sweet, and it does have a more original opening. I really like jt. Great for the price,too!!!

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